Written by P&R

15 Jun 2004

Have you ever looked and wondered how those wrist to thigh bondage cuffs would feel? Ever wondered if you would like to give them a try?

If so ......read on........

R and I had looked at them often and discussed how horny they looked but never actually bought them...........until now.

We were having a weekend away to attend a wedding and R bought a set as a surprise for me.

We were in our room relaxing with a glass of champagne before we had to get ready for the reception when R presented them to me. I was delighted and couldnt wait to try them on. We had been playing a little so I was already in my undies as R strapped them around my thighs level with the top of my stockings,a second later my wrists were buckled against my thighs and I was trapped!! It was the most wonderful feeling and I could feel my pussy juices running. R turned away for a moment and fiddled with his mobile phone, I asked him what he was doing, 'muting it, I dont want us to be disturbed', he said. Fantastic I thought!!

He was soon naked and between my thighs, licking and sucking on my clit, while his fingers probed my pussy...I was soaking wet and so looking forward to his hard cock fucking me..............shit...... someone was at the door. I cursed thinking it was room service and was horrified when R opened the door and let the Bestman in. There was I, spread eagled on the bed in bondage. For a moment I was embarrassed, but, when he started to undress I was so impressed with the size of his rapidly growing cock I soon got over that !! R came over and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep in my mouth and followed it with his cock which by now was swollen and dripping with pre cummmmm, while the Bestman took the liberty of filling my soaking, aching cunt with his now hard, thick, shaved cock. It didnt take him long to get into a steady, hard fucking, rhythm it was fantastic. I could do nothing but lie there and take it. I felt so horny, I was being pounded by both of them and giving nothing in return but my appreciation. They turned me over onto my knees and my face was being pressed into the bed. The Bestman was now fucking my cunt from behind and I was moaning with pleasure and begging him to fuck me harder, R was spanking me every time I said fuck or gave a moan, calling me his fuckslut and telling me what a naughty dirty bitch I was....he knew those words would only make me hornier. They were fucking me in turns now, each cock going deeper and harder, my pussy was dripping with my juices and I could hear the wet slopping noises as each stroke went in......R said he wanted to fuck my ass so the Best man slid underneath me and helped me impale myself on his cock......it felt good sitting on him with my arms still strapped to my thighs, he was squeezing my nipples and rubbing my clit while he bounced me on his cock, R told him to pull me down so that my ass was open to him.....I felt the cool jelly on my asshole as R slid his cock in... OH God it was the most fucking fantastic feeling to be fucked senseless while I was helpless to do anything (even if I had wanted to)about it! The Bestman was breathing real heavy now and told me he couldnt hold back any longer he groaned and shuddered as he shot his cum deep up into my pussy......this was enough to send R over the edge and he did likewise but he was deep in my ass and it felt wonderful..........

The Bestman was in a panic now as he had the first dance to perform in about 10mins we laughed as he showered in 2mins flat, dressed and ran out the room...........

We were somewhat late for the proceedings as R took his time finishing me off with an assortment of toys, (not to mention the empty champagne bottle;-)) Oh and I could have protested as my arms were no longer strapped to my thighs...........except they were now attached to my collar, but that, as they say, is another Jerry Springer!!