Written by Sitting Bull

16 Jul 2006

I recently received a text from an ex colleague of mine who had moved on to bigger and better things a couple of years ago. We arranged to meet in a hotel halfway from both our homes and as I expected to be having a few drinks I booked a room for the night. When Ellie arrived she looked stunning and I did a double take, was this really the dumpy girl I used to work with. She came accros the room and we kissed I ordered drinks for both of us and we spent some time catching up on each others lives. It turned out that Ellie had split from Martin her long time partner and was not currently seeing anyone and with me still being single for a fleeting moment I thought I may have a chance, but it soon passed why would this stunning young girl be interested in an overweight old fart like me.

As the evening progressed I suggested dinner and more drinks were had I told Ellie I had booked a room and suggested that she might like to book one too then she could have a few drinks and enjoy herself, unfortunately all the rooms were fully booked so I chanced my arm and suggested she could share with me and I promised to sleep on the couch. Ellie said that would be really kind and we relaxed into the rest of our evening.

By the time the bar was closing we were both a little unsteady on our feet as we made our way to my room. Once through the door Ellie tripped and fell into my arms knocking me backwards and we both fell onto the bed, Ellie's arm were around my neck and she just kissed me. I returnd her kiss and she whispered in my ear "I don't want you to sleep on the couch" not immediately understanding her I assured her it was ok, her arms were still around my neck when she said "no stupid! I want you to sleep with me" the penny finally dropped and a said "are you sure" at which point she kissed me again this time pushing her soft tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a while gently caressing each other upper bodies and slowly undressed each other, I broke our kiss to let my lips travel over her shoulders and onto the pert upward mounds of her breasts kissing every part of her breast before licking her nipples which were very hard. Slowly I manouvered myself lower down her body until my lips were lightly brushing the top of her neatly trimmed bush, Ellie shuddered and her pelvis rose up to meet my probing tongue. Her pussy aroma was so sweet and her lips were moist with her juices as I gently kissed and licked all around her pussy which was now gyrating around trying to anticipate my next move and to be there before me. Ellie suddenly grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy and I stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could and concentrated on her clit, I slid two fingers into her now dripping pussy as Ellie was writhing around building up to her orgasm. Her breath was getting short developing into little grunts as she pushed her pussy hard into my face, as she started to come I slid one of my fingers out of her pussy and slipped into her arse. Ellie screamed and clenched all her pelvic muscles and almost broke my wrist as her orgasm tore through her, I kept to my task with one finger in each orifice and my tongue lashing her clit until she begged me to stop as she could take no more. When she finally came down she hugged me and said "thank you that was fantastic, where did you learn to make love like that" I replied that you don't get to my age without learning a trick or two. Ellie looked at me and said "now it's your turn" but that's a different story for later