Written by luckymandingo

13 Apr 2005

Hi this happened about 10 yrs after My sister in law had divorced my brother in law..Debbie had been maried to my Borther in law( B-I-L) for about 6 yrs..things had been rocky between them as she neevr seemed to make an effort for his family..apartfr om me and my wife that is..somehow she took to us and we got along well. there divorce was bit messy so she laid low for a few years..id heard she had shacked up with some real numb nuts who was into porno films makeing as well as wathcing, Debbie had a great body, really nice firm tits..lovely looking girl with really nice soft skin, im sure we flirted eye wise when ever we saw eachtoehr I caught her looking at me and she me at her.

I used to fantasies about what she would be like..my B-I-L had said what a dirty bitch she was loved sex and was great at giving head..anyway the years past and i bumped into her by chance in a local town..she said hi first and came over to chat/.she was alone and looked really good..smiling she swopped pleasantries and then asked about my wife..and daughter. I asked how she was and her mod changed a little..she said she had slpit with her fella fter nearly 10 yrs she had finally had enouhg of his bullying ways and his coldness towards her..we chatted somemore and I said fancy a coffee there is a nice cafe round the corner, off we went but when we arived it was full so I said the next one is the other end of town, she said dont worry I only live round the corner, why dont you come back to mine? ok I agreed and she gave me directions (I even managed to get there)..lol all the way to her house i was trying to fight my hard on..imagining her letting me fuck her..I never really thought it could happen but the fantasy was good anyway.

we greeted again..and sat and had coffeee in the kitchen..she told me all abut her fella and what he was like she seemed well out of that relationship..I asked her what she missed most and she grinned..as if you didnt know she said..I said I had heard he liked his porno..oh yes she said mind you it was not just him./.I plucked up the courage and said have you made many..expecting a shocked reaction but no she said a few...oww i said being even more dareing..any you would like to share..this time her mood changed and she said you men are all the same, Bugger I thought id blown it..i said sorry never meant to offend you. she laughed again..and said did you now i had had fantasysy about you and me when I was with John? no i said but I did know id had a few about you...we semed to go silent for a few secounds..and then she said bet we would have had fun (fuck it I thought in for a penny) bet we still would be..biting my lip and staring straight at her I said..can I see one of your films.se just leant forward and took out a video fro its sleev and placed it in the machine..she said..dont be shocked im into my fun..

I sat and watched this incredibly sexy women stood in front of a camera in stockings thong and bask..she looked incredible...great tits pushed themselves up over the top of the bask. I cold hear a voice in the back ground sayng..ok how many cocks do want tonight..Debbie smiled and said as many as you can find..the door bell rang and off she went in walked three guys...one black te other two white..they gave her a kiss and began to play with her..I was gettign really hard and it had not gone unoticed..not shcoked then she said..no not at al I replied..her hand gently ran over the bulge in m trousers..dont mind me she said..sliding one hand inside her own skirt and the other rubbing harder over my cock..must admit i stopped watching the film for a while as we caressed and kissed eachother, I had wanted her and was about to get her...as she kissed me she expertly undid my trousers..realsing my cock as it stuck up about te elastic of my trunks..I found her wet pussy and rubed her clit..your going to fuc me at last arnt you she said..her face with the look of a sex crazed women..I told her to take off her blouse..I wante to suck thos nipples id seem hidden but with the big brown circles uinder her bra..she took it off, they were stuning...she tugged the nipples for me and said is this what you wanted..I leant in and sucked on one of them they were erect in no time nice and big..and she was gasping as I sucked harder...slowly wanking my cock..I could hear the muffled sound from the video and looked seing her with two cocks in her mouth as one other guy was tongueing her clit..I want you cock in my mouth she whispered in my ear and slid down my body sucking my niplpes on her way down..im 7 inches and nice and thick,..she jusy took it in her mouth wanking it then slowly as she maintained eye contact let itslide down all the way untill she had the lot down her..she was fingering herself././and getting all heated..I had to pull her head away she was so good i thought id cum...let me eat you cunt i said..she pushed me back and kind of knmlet astride my face./.her juices were relaly nice..and lots of it..she came on my face a really heavy spurt as well..and was rubbing her tits sametime//.put your cock into me now ive waitied long enough she said, I wasted no tme and eased her down kising her mouth and getting her hand to guide me between her wet cunt lips..she slowede rigt down as we both savoured the initial moment of penertratiopn as she lowered until it had all slid inside her, she called out moans of pleasure and I kissed her neck as se leant back grinding her cnt into my cock..her neck was great I tongued it and she qwent wild bucking like a rodeo rider..I slid a finger up her arse and she rode even harder..fuck my arse she said after a few minutes..te video was still playing and the black guy who was well equipped was atemting the same she was grimacing in the film but saying o yes gently..easse it in I want your black cock in my arse..I was pushing hard into her arse as I watched she kissed my neck and gently gyrated into my wanting all of my cock inside her, she rode me again faster she was really titgh in her arse..but loved it telling me how she loved the feel of a guy in there, I was aaaaaaaaabout t cum and she was to..but she said no I ant to taste your hot cum.and eased herself up and down and wanked my cock into her mouth as I told her i was cumming she semed to wank harder and faster..my cock feeling her tongue every stroke..until felt it cumming..im cumming I said..im cuming.....mmmmmmmm she made a noise as if she approved of my heavy spurt down her throat..she continued wankinguntil the tickle made it hard for me to let her carry on...she pulled away and licked her lips..saying you taste good im going to need some more of that soon..

I have met her now 8 times..cant get enough of her she is so naughty..ill tell you about the restruant next time..