Written by john

26 Jul 2003

It is a hot summers evening and we decide to go the local for a few drinks and a meal at the local. You are dressed in a small miniskirt and low cut top. I tell you look stunning. All the men will be giving you the eye tonight I laugh. Sounds ok to me you say. We head to the pub we sit at the bar and have a few drinks. I notice from the bar 2 young men looking at you they seem to be looking at legs. See I told you I say you have 2 admirers already. You look around at the 2 young guys and smile they blush fiercely and pretend they wasn’t looking at you. Why not tease them a little bit I ask you? . Oh I couldn’t you protest. Why not just give it a try I say, you might enjoy it. Just think about what those 2 young boys are thinking about you. I was a young man once you know I laugh. I bet they are looking at you talking about your legs and breasts. They are probably saying how much they would love to fuck you. Oh what the hell you say it is only a laugh. You sit there chatting to me letting you miniskirt ride higher and higher. The 2 young guys are really looking now. I tell you to carry on teasing them. Think about the 2 young guys wanting to fuck you I say. You sit astride the barstool and open your legs so the young guys can see up your skirt and look at your white knickers. They are trying desperately to pretend they are not looking. A few minutes later we are told our table is ready. You wink at the boys and they blush. We go for our meal and leave the boys. We laugh over the meal about the 2 boys reaction to your flashing. You tell me that you really enjoyed that. You grab my hand and place it on your pussy. Your knickers are really damp. Mmmmmmmmm you really did enjoy it you dirty cow I laugh. Well you should do it more often I tell you.

After the meal we go for a drive as we get on the motorway I ask you if you want to do some more flashing? . Who am I going to flash here you ask? . Well we could always flash a few lorry drivers I tell you. With that you lift your legs on the dashboard and let your miniskirt ride really high exposing your white knickers. We haven’t traveled far before the first lorry driver notices you. He beeps his horn in appreciation. Well go on you little whore do some real flashing and remove your knickers. You are so horney from the flashing knowing all these men would love to fuck you. You remove your knickers so now your pussy is exposed ready for anybody to see. A few minutes later a lorry is driving by us with 2 guys in one driving and one passenger. The passenger notices you and is looking at you as you flash your pussy at him. You slide your middle finger up your pussy then pull it out and then seductively lick your pussy juices off. The passenger smiles and waves his appreciation. The lorry speeds away. I tell you what a dirty little whore you are exposing yourself to all these strangers. I bet you were thinking about getting fucked weren’t you ?. You are a dirty slut I laugh. We stop of at some woods and get out of the car. What are we doing here you ask ?. I fancy a little walk in the woods. I will bring my camera with us I say. You really enjoyed flashing all those men didn’t you I ask?. It was fun you say. It was more than fun I could see you were really enjoying it. It made your knickers wet didn’t it?. Well we shall have to do it more often. As we are walking I ask you to pose for some photographs. You stand by a tree and smile. Not those sorts of photographs I say do some flashing for me pretend you have somebody looking at you give them a good flash. Be the dirty little slut you know you are. You lift your miniskirt up exposing your wet pussy. I flash away as you pose for me. I notice a guy in the bushes is watching us. I go to you and whisper to you that somebody is watching us. This turns you on and you begin to really expose yourself. After a few poses you get really daring and completely undress. You stand there posing making sure our mystery guy really gets and eye full. I tell you what a dirty whore you are as I flash away with my camera. You insert 2 fingers in your wet pussy and masturbate. You moan loudly to make sure the mystery guy is under no illusions about what you are doing. I run out of film and say we might as well go home. On they way home I tell you that you are a dirty little bitch. I think you need a little spanking when we get home. You sit there masturbating and tell me you want a good fucking also. I have never done this before you say but it has made me horny as hell. I could see by the smile on your face this wasn’t going to be the last time this sort of thing happened. Later on in bed I tell you we should do this more often. Well I enjoyed it you say but……… No buts I say you are my filthy little whore and you will do as I say. Oh ok if you insist you laugh