Written by Ste

19 Nov 2003

I found some pictures of my mother-in-law that her late husband had taken while they were on holiday, she was sunbathing topless and I had to admit she had a nice looking pair of tits so much so that I got an erection while I was looking at them, so I lay them down and wanked myself off as I looked at them.

Sometime later I was telling my mate that I had found the photo's and he asked if he could have a look at them, when I showed them to him he also agreed that they made him horny. I then told him that I wanked myself off the first time I found them and he said that he felt like that as well, so we both got our cocks out and started to wank in front of the photo's.

We were both happily wanking ourselves that we did not hear the front door open, until we both realised that we were being watched, we stood there gobsmacked with our hard cocks still in our hands looking at my mother-in-law stood in the bedroom door way. She dropped her coat off her shoulders on to the floor and said. "Wow ! Don't put them away lads its years since I've seen one, let alone two together".

She was in her mid-sixties,slim build with still a good pair of tits, you could see her nipples protruding through her dress. Her eyes were fixed on our cocks while she unbuttoned her dress, it dropped to the floor and then she removed her bra and there in full view were the tits we were wanking over in front of us.

She moved forward and took hold of both of our cocks wanking one and sucking the other and then changing over, she then stood up and dropped her knickers and bent over the bed and said. " I want both of you to take turns in fucking me hard from behind until you fill me with you spunk".

I fucked her first she loved every minute of it, it had been years since she had a cock inside her. My mate played with her tits while I was fucking her until I emptied my load of spunk into her now wet and gaping cunt. My mate now rammed his hard cock into her spunk filled cunt and he fucked her really hard until he also shot his load inside her.

She actually thanked us and said she had wondered where those photo's had got to but we could keep them to look at while we had a wank again as long as we would both give her a good fucking sometime like we had done today. We both nodded.

Apart from her tits, which still look good she may look an old wrinkly sixty plus year old but there was nothing wrong with her pussy and she was certainly a good shag !