Written by Paul now Paula

15 Feb 2004

I am a slight build 26 y/o kind of girlie,one day a few years ago i was sitting in the pub when i was befriended buy a older guy in a wheel chair,we got chatting and i found out that he was a retierd busnissman in his late sixtys widowed and had a fall a while ago which rendered his legs usless,as the beer flowed the pub became very bussy and he opted for home and asked me if i would like to join him in a few drinks at his i took him up on his offer ,at his we sat for a while when he asked if i could help him bath and change for bed ,usaly his home help would but since he had opted to go to the pub he had missed her call,yeh sure i said we went to his well fitted bathroom and as i supported him he undressed,sorry about this i would mannage but my legs are even more no good when i have had a few as i helpd im out of his trousers i noticed he had a hardon and i looked away,he cought sorry but even disabeled people get randy i will keep my shorts on,why i said i have seen a hard cock before cool he said i slipped his short down wow,he had a nice dick,he saw me stare like that i nodded ,feel it if you want ,i put my hand down and took hold of his erection ,he moaned its been so long since i have had anyone touch it i stroked him and he said any more of this and he would have to ask me to leave so he could finnish the job well i looked at him,i could finnish the job for you he had a hold of the rail to steddy himself he shook never had it with a man before ,no differance i said as i sank to my knees and licked up his balls to the tip of his cock oh god he gronned as i took him in with lots of spit and sank him into my throte then back out till his tip was on my lips then all the way back in he tasted good and i was soon in to a rythem,and as i sucked i made sure he heard how much i was enjoying giving him head,god no he said you are going to have to stop because if you dont i am going to cum,i stoped and looked up at him do you want to cum,yeh but i have got a lot and it would not be very nice of me to cum in your mouth ,i think it would be nice ,and stuck his penis back in and gave it my all untill he went tence ,i felt him swell in my mouth,and then was rewarded with loads and loads of warm thick salty semen,wow could this old guy cum i thought he would never stop,it was so nice,when he had done,i pulled him out of my mouth and made sure some of his sperm trickeld out and down my chin and a long trail hung from my lips to his cock i cleaned him up and smiled at him he sat down on his chair looking a little sheepish whats up i said sorry mate ,what for ,i said you needed it and i needed you to give me it two happy people this made him feel better it was late he asked me to stay,sleep in the spare if you like,then said if you like or mine,we went to bed where i cuddled up and worked on his cock again,want to try somthing i said anything he mumbled i pushed him in his back went to the loo and lubed my bottom with baby oil ,the room was dark i pulled down the duvet and mounted him,hold your cock up i whisperd he did and i sat down on him sliding down untill he was in all the way,was he big i set to fucking him untill he shot inside of me,i could feel him pulls in my anus,just then i came over his hairy chest i lay down squishing the cum between us then slid off feeling his semie hard cock slip out was as good as it felt go in ,we slepet till morning when he asked me to deal with something that had cropped up,i got a basin washed him and sucked his cock till he shot,we were lieing geting our breath back when we heard the key in the door and in walked his home help and since the bedroom door was open and the duvet was on the floor well what can i say ,over the next weeks i found out that he had thoughts about men and he would like me to dress for him he has since bought me lots of sexy panties and the likes he spanks me fucks me ties me and genral abuses me and i love every moment spent with him,i am now his home help and his slapper he calls me i stay now and tend to all his needs all his needs and spend most of my day prancing around in stokings and panties ,i will tell you more later as wrighting this letter has got us horny and we are going back to bed for a fuck