Written by Dan 31

7 Apr 2006

Perhaps a better name would be "Fucked is better than friction"! Well my wish came true. This morning I went over to Benny to pass on a magazine. I rang the bell and Vera the guest by circumstances opened the door. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a black thong and a sexy smile with what looked like cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth. She invited me in saying that Benny was just getting up. It was obvious that Benny had just been getting up her. Benny was on the bed covered with a sheet which was draped over a very stiff tent pole. With no warning Vera snatched at the sheet and there was Benny stroking a huge hard on which was highly lubricated with Vera's juices. Vera sat on his face and he started to lick her cunt while she grabbed my own formidable cock and wanked me ito a raging hard on.He slurped up her cum and spread it around and in her arse, getting it ready for his next exercise which was to slide her down his chest and to bury his prick deep in her arse. There was Vera on top of him with her dripping cunt fully exposed and waiting for me to complete the double penetration. As I am a very obliging sort of chap, What could I do? I was soon pumping away vigorously sliding my cock up and down with onle a thin membrane of her cunt lining seperating the two rock hard pricks racing each other to fill her with their sticky cum. Then Benny decided to join me inside her cunt and he slipped out of her bum and joined me in reaming her. This was a first time for me and I couldn't hold out very long. With a loud sigh, I squirted my load and was immediately followed by Benny who still had a lot of spunk left in his balls. Vera showed her appreciation with a loud screem and flooded both our cocks with a copious flood of her juices. She extracted herself from the sandwich and licked our pricks clean going from cock to cock. All this was a few hours ago but I only just got home having fucked and sucked her cunt and bum hole several more times. I am sitting at my computer completely fucked out but I thought that you folks out there would appreciate a fresh up to date adventure. It is good that I am a one-handed typist as you can guess what my other hand is doing. For those of you who remember Tommy Handley and Mrs. Mop - TTFN and let me know from you ladies and gents how you like my stories. Dan 31