Written by Rob

10 Feb 2004

Sarah is an 18 year old beauty that I met on this site.

I answered her ad for an older man to watch her and her friend having sex. Sarah is a student living in north yorkshire, our first meeting was in a local pub in york, she was a stunning girl, short brown hair, hazel eyes and silky smooth tanned skin. I had a hard on within two minutes of seeing her.

Two hours later we were in her flat, her flatmate Janet was there, she was a little older but also very beautiful and wearing a short skirt. After a bit of sexy chat and a few drinks we retired to the bedroom. Both girls started to undress each other, feeling each others tits as they went further, within 5 minutes both were completely naked and licking their fannies in the 69 position. I sat there watching with a hard on up to my neck, well it was a good 8 inches.

I moved closer to try and get in on the action but Sarah stopped me, telling me just to watch and take pictures which I did. Both girls soon reached a noisy orgasm, which seemed to trigger Janet into strapping on the biggest dildo I had seen used on another woman, it must have been 11 inches long and within a few minutes Sarah had another shuddering orgasm and I had my fourth wank and a load of pix's. They swapped places and Sarah rode Janet with the monster dick and brought her to a noisy orgasm soon after. I tried again to get in on the action, I stood behind Sarah and rubbed my knob along her slit but again she stopped me before I could enter her luscious wet fanny. 4 hours later Janet and Sarah kicked me out of the flat after gently squeezing my cock back to hardness.

2 days later Sarah rang to tell me to go to her flat again as she wanted another session for me to watch and take pic's.

I arrived about 8pm, Sarah answered the door completely naked, as I walked inside I noticed that Janet was not there, but a middle aged black guy, who had been shaggin Sarah judging by his erection, later measured at 13". I hoped this meant that I was to get to shag Sarah at long last, no such luck. The guy, Jason had all the action while I took pic's and had several wanks. He had her in every position possible, but the best was when he slipped his monster dick up Sarah's arse, he even asked me to put it in for him, which I did, handling a dick that big really turned me on, not that Iam into that sort of thing usually, but it really was so sexy. 3 hours later I had pictures of Sarah with a monster dick in her mouth,fanny and arse,spunk all over her face and tits. I was drained with all the wanking and left a little later, still not having shagged sarah.

A week later Sarah rang me to tell me that she could not see me again, she explained that Janet and Jason were her parents and that she only ever had full sex with them, I tried to comforth her thinking that she was being abused by them but she assured me that it was at her instigation as a few years earlier she had secretly watched her dad and his monster dick fuck her mother over the kitchen table. From then on she wanted his dick in her fanny and to taste her mothers juicy fanny. She eventually broached the subject with them both, the outcome being that she would only have full sex with either or both of them until the day she got married.

I never heard from Sarah again, but it was a time I would not have missed for the world, though a little shocked that Janet and Jason were her parents, I hope Sarah gets married soon.

My reward was loads of sexy pictures, but maybe in the circumstances they will never have the same effect on me, what do you think?