Written by Cockaholic

5 Jun 2006

Yesterday(Sunday) was a scorcher so I went for a prelunch walk in t-shirt & shorts and decided to pop into The Angel for a cold drink and sat outside on a bench and I became aware someone was watching me from two benches down and he seemed to be looking underneath so I let him have a good view of my bulge and he smiled and went to get another drink.He returned but sat one bench nearer and each time he looked over he licked his lips and moved to show me his bulge and I looked around and then moved to his bench to ask if he had a place nearby and he pointed to the carpark so we left and he had a campervan and he told me to relax as he drove he slipped his hand down my jeans and rubbed my cock and ran his finger over my helmet slit and then stucj his finger in his mouth then pulled into a layby and told me to follow him into the woods.We went further and further before we came to an old hut and he ushered me in then locked it and ran his hands over my body before undoing my belt then my zip and he licked my cock through my boxers biting it and my filled balls then he yanked them down to rub his face over my cock and ball bag to inhale my smell he then licked my helmet before engulfing it into his mouth as I leant against the door I urged him on to suck it all in and he soon had itdeep inside his mouthas he massaged my balls I had to stop myself shooting too soon and he then stood up and pushed me to my knees to do the same to him and when I dropped his trousers his cock sprang out as he wasn't wearing underwear and I beagn to wank his cock up and down as the foreskin went up and down he called me a slut and thrust his cock down my throat nearly choking me and he began to fuck my mouth deep and hard I was loving it and he couldn't hold back as he spilled his spunk into my mouth the warm liquid hit the back of my throat and I managed to swallow it all and licked his cock clean just before he got down and sucked me fully hard then he handed me a rubber to slip over my cock he told me to fuck his arse hard so he got on all fours rubbed some lube into his arse then I rubbed my cock up and down then slipped it slowly into his crack and he opened up fully for me to pound away long and hard with my hanging balls slapping his arse cheeks he cheered me on saying harder,fuck me and I managed to last about 10 minutes before I grabbed his arse tight and shot my spunk and carried on until my balls emptied and removed my cock he quickly grabbed the rubber and placed it over his tongue to get all the contents then smiled and swallowed.We lay there for 20 minutes before dressing and he drove me to the pub and then drove off.I hope to see him again some sunny day.