Written by Dave

14 Oct 2005

I have been in to swinging for around 4 years now predominantly meeting couples. As a 32 year old single guy it can be very hit and miss, however with a bit of perseverance it can be fantastic.

One evening whilst browsing through the Couples Seeking Single Men section I spotted an add from a couple and duly sent an e-mail with a few details and a couple of recent photo’s. As was the usual case I did not hear anything when suddenly some 3 weeks later I received a reply with a few more details of the couple, their names and location etc and a couple of sexy photos. I responded with my phone number and got a call the following day. I chatted to Mike and Claire over the phone briefly and we made arrangements to meet at a pub which was roughly half way between our locations on the understanding that if we clicked we would arrange a meet for some fun at a later stage.

I arrived at the pub a little early to find Mike and Claire already there and I instantly recognised them from the photos they had sent and equally they recognised me. From their previous e-mails I knew Mike was 38 years old 5’11 tall in good shape and Claire was 35 years old 5’6” tall and a size 10 figure with long blond hair and 34C chest and very attractive. I fixed us some drinks and we found a vacant table away from the crowds. We chatted for a while generally just small talk etc and eventually got round to the subject of sex shared our likes and dislikes previous experience and what we wanted etc. The night seemed to fly by and we headed our separate ways and agreed to keep in touch.

I few days later I received a call from Mike and chatted briefly, he told me that their kids were going to a friends for the night and asked if I would like to meet up again. Well naturally I jumped at the chance. We arranged to meet again in the same pub. I arrived and found a table out of the way. The arranged time came and passed and there was no sign of them. After 30 min I was beginning to give up on them, when they arrived. Claire looked stunning in a shortish tartan skirt knee height leather boots and a tight slightly revealing low cut top and leather jacket. We fixed some drinks and had a chat. Mike suggested we have one more drink and head off the their’s if I were happy with that.

We finished our drinks and headed off to their house. Once in side they drew all the curtains and Claire fixed us all some drinks. We sat in the living room and talked openly about our likes and dislikes etc. Claire said although they had met a single guy previously she was still very nervous and needed a little more dutch courage. Claire went through to the kitchen to fix some more drinks and Mike followed her through. A few minutes later Mike re appeared and said Claire had just gone up stairs and would be down in a few minutes. As Mike and I chatted we could hear Claire moving around upstairs and heard the toilet flush. Apparently that was our signal to join Claire upstairs so Mike led the way. We went through to their bedroom to find Claire stood at the end of the bed with a matching black bra and skimpy pants, high heels and hold-ups. She sure did look very sexy. Mike undressed and sat in a chair in the corner of the room and encouraged me to help myself. I walked over to Claire and told her how fantastic she looked and began to feel her tits through her silky bra slowly releasing one tit then the other as I worked the with my tongue and hand. I worked one hand down her body to feel her pussy through the thin fabric of her pants whilst nibbling on her nipples. I could feel her dampness seeping through the thin fabric. I slipped my had down the front and felt my way down to her swollen clit which was by very wet as I worked my fingers over it and along her wet lips. With my other hand I released her bra which she allowed to drop over her arms and to the floor. She put her hand round the back of my neck and guided my head to hers and we kissed very passionately probing eachothers mouths with our tongues. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mike was now fully erect and wanking slowly. I continued to work her pussy with my fingers and inserted first one then two inside her wet hole. She gasped slightly and continued to kiss and probe my mouth with her tongue. I pulled back slightly and began to take her pants down allowing them to drop to the floor which she kicked off and over to Mike. I told her I wanted to taste her juices. Claire lay on the bed and joined her and buried my head between her legs and worked her wonderfully juicy pussy with my tongue. I could hear her breathing become deeper and suddenly her body tensed as I licked, sucked and nibbled her clit. She let out a couple of loud gasps and muffled squeals as she shuddered and came. My chin was now covered in her sweet juices as I continued to run my tongue over her clit and down her slit whilst probing her with my fingers and again within minutes she let out a scream and came very vocally this time. She told me to “get my kit off” as she now wanted “spit roasting”. I climbed off the bed and began removing my top I felt Claire tugging at my Jeans buttons and within and instant my fully erect cock was in her mouth which she sucked on greedily. She told me to lie on the bed and climbed on all fours as Mike got in to position to fuck her from behind as Claire pulled her long hair to one side and began to suck my dick greedily. She had a fantastic technique and really knew how to deep throat. I told Claire to stop for a while as I was soon on the verge of coming, she however had other plans and looked up at me as she sucked harder and faster until I shot my load in her mouth which she swallowed down with only a few drops escaping from the side of her mouth and down her chin. Mike fucked her really hard from behind and soon withdrew and shot his load over her arse.

We had a quick breather and Claire went down to the kitchen to fix us some drinks and Mike told me he wanted to watch me fuck Claire from behind and fill her full of my spunk so he could clean her up afterwards. He asked if he could take some photos of us fucking to which I agreed. Claire soon returned with 3 bottles of beer which we drank as we chatted. Claire had now lost all her inhibitions and took out her rampant rabbit and began to put on a little show for us both. I positioned myself so she could suck my dick again and was soon becoming hard again as she continued to play whilst Mike wanked furiously pausing only to take a few photos. I was soon fully hard, Claire asked Mike if he wanted to watch me fuck her now to which he nodded. Claire lay on the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest to expose her soaking pussy which I gave a quick like before positioning my dick at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit. Claire wrapped her legs around back. I eased my dick deep in to her and thrusted in and out slowly. Mike was now behind us taking a few photos. I could feel her muscles tighten as she let out a few wimpers and came again. I continued to fuck her in a steady rhythm she told me she wanted me to fuck her “hard and deep” now in a very sexy voice. I began to thrust in and out of her furiously. I fucked her furiously for quite a few minutes making her come again until I could not hold back any longer and shot my load deep in to her. When I withdrew I could see my juices starting to seep out of her as she took me in her mouth and Mike instantly went down on her and eagerly lapped up my juices as she sucked the last few drops from my dick. Mike then fucked her as I watched and kissed her salty mouth. He soon added his juice to my remaining juices and her juices.

We cleaned ourselves up a little and chatted for while and all agreed it was great night and agreed we would kike to meet again.