Written by Nick

11 Feb 2004

A few weeks ago I was staying with a friend of mine Geoff and his wife Lisa. Geoff and I had a little bi thing going and even though I hadn't fucked Lisa she did't mind her husband and me indulging ourselves once in a while. One evening we arranged for one of our little games. Geoff and Lisa went out and I said I would be ready for them when they got home. While they were out I had a look through Lisa's wardrobe and soon found a saucy maids outfit. I love wearing ladies undies and previously Geoff and I had played a bit with me dressed up. I quickly put on the outfit, black hold-up fishnet stockings, tiny white thong and frilly white see-through apron. When the time came that they were due back i got ready to greet them in the lounge. I heard the door go and told them to come in, but to my initial horror Geoff and Lisa wern't alone. With them was Jackie and Reg a couple I vaguely knew.

After the initial shock we all settled down and they started to treat me like the house maid, fixing drinks etc.

Soon Geoff ushered me over and started to rub my crotch and it wasn't long before my cock was straining through the flimsy thong. Then I felt a pair of hands on my arse and turned to see Reg on his knees with a cheek in each hand. Then I noticed the two girls together on the sofa watching intently. It wasn't long before Geoff had my cock in his mouth. Then he sat me on the coffee table and Geoff and reg stood either side of me and I took it in turn to suck them both off.

As things progressed they oiled me up and Reg slowly eased his cock into my arse while the two girls gorged themselves on Geoff's cock. It wasn't long and Reg grunted he was cummin' so he pulled out and splashed his cum over my back and arse. I then looked up to see Geoff pounding into Jackie who was now naked. Lisa came over to me wearing just stockings turned me on to my back and then slowly lowered herself onto my still hard cock. She rode me while squeezing her lovely fat tits. I then shouted that I was cummmin' and she quickly jumped off and started sucking my dick until my spunk gushed into her mouth which she readily swallowed.

That night we had an absolutely great time sucking and fucking each other and we've all agreed we should have a repeat performance.

Anyone with comments or keen for fun I'd love to hear from you