Written by mandyb1965

1 Oct 2010

I had just been to a fancydress party at my friends which was in the middle of nowhere and as usual I went on my own. All of my friends have partners but they always invite me along. This party was st Trinians so I went along with hair in pigtails, hand painted freckles all over my face, stockings, short skirt, white blouse tied up under my boobs and a cute tie. To be honest most of us girls were all wearing the same.

I was driving though, as I had to get up early, so everyone was getting merry and having a laugh, but you know what it's like when everyone else is drinking and your not.So, it got to about 12 and I gave everyone a hug and kiss on the cheek. Told them I had had fun and was off home.

They all came to the door and waved me off, I got in the car turned up the music and drove off. Now I had been to my friends new house lots of times over the summer but now it was pitch black and hoped I could find my way home. I had my full beams on so that I could see the sharp and bendy winding roads ahead. Everywhere started to look familiar so I knew I was on the right road, and knew it wouldn't be too long before I got to the main road.

Now that I knew where I was going I could finally relax,wearing these clothes had made me feel horny. I was trying to drive and put my hand between my legs and under my thong, but was proving difficult. There was a layby up ahead so I pulled over took my panties off and started to rub my nice smooth shaven pussy. I teased my nipples through my shirt and oh god this started to feel so nice. My pussy juices were flowing so I wanted a taste. I moved my fingers deep into my pussy and then licked them. oohh god, I closed my eyes and fantasised about being fucked hard. my fingers were frigging my pussy hard and I knew I was about to cum, when there was a knock on my window which made me jump out of my skin I had opened my eyes to seeing two coppers outside and I could see their car in the mirror.

Oh God!!!! what was I suppose to do now. I mouthed to them to show me their badges and they obliged. I unlocked the door and the officer ask me to get out of the car.

" now miss, can you tell me what you are doing out here all alone in a layby!!"

I proceeded to tell him I had been to a fancy dress party, god I must have looked a state, no knickers on and with any slight movement my swollen pussy was yet again on full display.My blouse undone and my nipples were still out of my bra.

" Do you know that you are breaking the law and I am afraid we are going to have to arrest you""

I began to cry and I said

"I am so sorry please don't arrest me I have to drive up to Yorkshire in the morning to my parents house and how would I explain this!!!"

I was shaking, so much now and not sure if it was from the cold or nerves when the copper said

" well we could let you off as long as we don't catch you again".

I was so grateful and went to get back in my car.

"Not so fast" said the other copper "We need to frisk u first, to make sure you are not carrying any sustances and you need to be breathalysed"

He then proceeded to tell me to put my hands on the bonnet of the car and spread my legs. He ran his hands all down the outside of my torso brushing my nipples with his fingers and electric shot right through my body, but I assumed it was an accident. The other copper then slid his hands down the outside of my thighs and down to my calves then coming up inside my legs, oh my god, he was going to touch my pussy if he gets any closer.

I jumped and they slammed my hands back on the bonnet of the car. The copper who was now brushing slightly against my pussy with his hands, went down on his knees pulled open my pussy and licked me from behind, was this really happening I couldn't believe it, but anything to stop being arrested and besides,I was really starting to enjoying it.

I started to grind my pussy into his face, thrusting backwards and moaning as this was hot. The other copper turned my face towards him and thrust his tongue in my mouth, hard hot thrusts and grabbed my boobs and started massaging them tweaking my now rock hard nipples. I had never had two guys before and I was starting to wonder why I hadn't.

He undone his trousers and his large hard cock sprang from his black police trousers and he grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth, I was sucking on it hard when the other copper stood up and I could hear his belt undoing and his flies and then with a couple of near misses, he thrust deep in me. I was being spit roasted, Something I had always dreamt of but never dare do.

I was sucking and licking one, and being rammed very hard by the other. I started to think at that point what if we are seen, but soon forgot about it. The first one came in my mouth, hot semen down the back of my throat. Then i and the other copper came at the same time, more hot spunk up in my pussy.

They both pulled up their trousers, and then handcuffed me and through me in the back of the car.

" But you said I wasn't going to be arrested I said to them"

" You're not, just wait here a min. The copper got on his radio and responded to a call as a member of public had seen what had been going on and complained. He assured them all was fine, but told me I still had to wait in the car.

With that another police car drove up and they handed me to them and said, all yours now mate we are now off duty!!!!