Written by sara and ben

5 Jan 2005

this story is 100% true , nothing like this had ever happened to me before and am sure will never happen again. about a year ago i meet a girl after being single for a while when we first met we had sex like rabbits, told each other our dirtiest fantasies, and basically had a good time. As time went on the great sex continued and we lived out some of our fantasies like having sex in public , anal, having sex in a nightclub , wanking each other off in publis etc etc. But it wasnt until we went on holiday recently we carried out sara's ultimate one.

we where at the end of a night of drinking in amsterdam we had seen the live sex shows( pretty crap by the way)been to a few stripclubs and where both very drunk and horney , back at he the hotel we stopped of for one more at the bar. there was 4 french guys sitting there sara pissed tryed to impress them with her basic french ryhming off random french words this broke the ice abit and they joined us and had a few drinks and had a laugh . i knew these guys fancied her and she was flirting like a right old tart ,but my cock was startng to srtain , i realised this was the start of one of her (and mine) major fantasies.

soon we where all back in one of there rooms drinking again , am not sure how it happened but sara was soon slowly stripping to music to the delight of the whole room as the guys cheered she was soon down to her panties, they egged her on to take them off , and she did , next she lay back on the double bed and spread her legs to show of her lovely shaven pussy and that was it, two of them lay next to her one kissing her full on the lips the other on her nipples both of them playing with her already soaking cunt. the rest off us quickly stripped off the two french guys were already hard . one was the same as me about 7 inches but the other must of been at least 10 it was huge . soon everyone was naked and sara was on all fours staring at me she said , this the the ultimate fantasy and she wanted to enjoy it while she was pissed as she wouldnt had the nerve to do it sober. next one was taking her hard from behind one in her mouth , they pumped her till she came (took all of 2 mins) then the flipped her onto her back again one fucked her cunt one in her mouth and she had the other to cocks in her hands wanking them like mad, i coulnt belive what i was seeing i stood there wanking slowly not wanting to cum to quickly. soon the guy in her cunt groaned as he shot ish load he was quickly replaced by another he came 2 mins late at the same time as the guy in her mouth , with me and the 10 inch cock guy left to have a go sara sat up and said she wanted DP someting else she never had but really wanted . i sat on the sofa sara eased onto my cock so easily with come oozing out of her the other guy then spread her bum cheeks spat on her asshole and massaged her hole with his fingers sara was going crazy and when he inched his massive cock into her she when crazy he must of got about 7 inches inside her and i could feel his cock against mine as we both thrusted into her the other guys where playing with her nipples and calling her a dirty slag and whore she came in less than a minute hearing her come set the both of us of and soon we had filled her cunt and ass with come. soon the guys said goodbye and left and we went to bed and shagged once more. when we woke up in the morning we could nt believe what had happened sara felt slighty embrassed but i was still as horney as fuck . unfortunatly we had to go home that day as i would of liked a repeat hopefully when shes pissed in the future we will.