Written by Aiden

16 Oct 2005

Sarah had been away on a girls weekend to Centre Parcs. During a couple of the calls she made while she was away she told me that she had met some really bizarre people but refused to give me the details until she got home.

I didnt beleive her when she told me that one of the party, Claire, had revealed that she was a 'swinger.' Claire had become friendly with Sarah and offered to take us to one of the clubs she went to in Manchester. Over the next few weeks our favourite fantasy was being shown around a club by Claire. I never dreamt that it would become any more than that.

A couple of months later Sarah told me that we had been invited up to Manchester to stay the weekend with Claire. I still seriously doubted anything more than a trek around the Peak District would occur.

Claire lived with her partner, Dave, in a converted warehouse in a really upmarket area. We spent Friday evening in a lively Italian restaurant. After a couple of bottles of wine the conversation got around to the Centre Parcs weekend. I sniggered and hinted at what Sarah had told me had been disclosed. Claire looked a little mischivious and began askin whether I had ever imagined Sarah having sex with another man. Being a little pissed and quite enjoying the atmosphere I said that I'd prefer to imagine her with another woman but found the thought of her with a man a turn on. Sarah blushed and giggled but didn't remonstrate at all. Dave just sat there with a smile on his face.

Claire, who semed pretty confident anyway, seemed to swell and stated that if we were really open-minded we could go to a club with them the next evening, I laughed it off and didnt pay too much attention to it during the remainder of the evening. Back in the flat Sarah and I chatted about the evenng once we were in bed. She asked if I were serious about what I'd said. She knew I had often fantasised about her having sex with others. I told her that if she thought Claire was serious and she thought she could handle it, she should tell Claire we were up for it.

We spent Saturday shopping on our own although Sarah phoned Claire several times on her mobile during the day. Sarah bought some sexy black and red underware and a very short black skirt whilst we were out. I somehow knew we were going to go to a swingers club although neither of us discussed it during the day.

Saturday evening started by going to a lively bar. Both women looked really good and had obvioulsy dressed with one intention in mind. We stayed in the bar until about 10pm but had not drunk very much. Claire then said that we should make our way to the club. This was the fist time she had mentioned it.. I think she could tell we were nervous and told us to relax and just follow her and Dave.

The club was small with a nice bar area and what appeared to be several rooms leading off it. The was perhaps 40 - 50 people inside, mostly standing around in groups or couples; they all appeared to be of similar age to us. The atmosphere seemed very relaxed although inside I was very excited. Sarah, who is usually confident seemed fine and quite bubbley. We stayed talking to Claire and Dave over a bottle of champagne for about half an hour. I had noticed a couple of people disappearing into the side rooms. Sarah then asked Claire what happened next. I was surprises Sarah had been so forward but listened to Claire's response with interest. Claire explained that if you saw anyone you liked the look of you should just go up to them, start a conversation and see where it led.

Sarah had always fantasised about going with a black man and I was not in the least surprised when she pointed out a single black guy of about 30 to Claire. He was standing across the bar from us and looked very cool in his designer clothes. I guessed he was about 6ft 2 and about 13 stones; he looked muscular in an athletic sort of way, he was certainly what I would describe as good looking.

Sarah asked Claire if she would approach him first. Claire agreed and walked to the other side of the bar. I saw the man look back over at us and smile. Claire waived Sarah over to them and before I knew it I was left talking to Dave. Trying to have a normal conversation while your wife is being chatted up was near impossible. I hadn't even discussed with Sarah what she would do. The three of them were obviously getting on famously; there was a lot of laughter and flirting going on. I surprisingly felt quite relaxed; Dave explained how he and Claire had had such fun at the club and ressured me that it would only go as far as any of us wanted it to.

I saw the black man slip an arm around Sarah's waist and then gently slide his hand down to her bum. She didn't object and nestled in towards him. This encouraged him and I saw him slide his hand down to the bottom of her skirt. He them began sliding it back up, this time against her stockinged leg reaching her bum. I was getting really turned on and must have been standing there open mouthed. Sarah looked back at me and I just grinned. He seemed to be getting braver and leant back against the bar, Sarah leant heavily against him, pushing her pelvis into his. His hands, laced on either sides of her hips began sliding under her skirt and were clearly hooking into the sides of her new knickers. Claire was standing next to them and was joining in the flirting. I saw Sarah reach down and feel the mans crotch area. Again she looked back at me and mouthed the word 'massive.'

Claire came over and told us that if it were OK with us they were going to go into a side room and asked if we wanted to go and watch; I could hardly contain myself. We followed them into a small room, giving them a coouple of minutes to sort themselves out. The room was fairl dark and decked out in a Moroccan style with large red cushions all over the floor. Sarah was lying on her back dressed only in her underware, she looked stunning. Colin (as I later found out) was totally undressed. He had a fantastic body and a massive cock; I guessed about 10 inches and really thick. He was lying to the side of Sarah and stroking up and down her body. Sarah had one hand on his cock and was slowly wanking him. Everytime he reached her crotch I could see her body shivver. I could see she was already really turned on and was mouthing the words 'fuck me'. She was just whispering them but getting more insistent the longer it went on. Claire was also in her underware, lying on the other side of Sarah and playing with Sarah's hair with one hand and slowly masturbating with the other.

I stayed against the wall with Dave, not saying a word. Colin then reached around and unclipped Sarah's bra. He began tracing around her nipples with his fingers in slow circles. Claire sat up and slid Sarah's knickers down and off. Sarah was clearly ready to go further. She opened her legs wide; I could see she was wet, really wet. I had never seen her like that. Colin reached down and slipped two fingers into her sopping fanny. Sarah went rigid and I knew she had orgasmed. There was noway she would let him stop there. Sarah rolled Colin over onto his back, his cock stood up impressively. Sarah crouched down over him and took him in her mouth. Licking up and down his shaft with her tounge she cupped his balls with her hand. She began wanking him faster and faster. I knew she would not let the opportunity of her first black cock pass. She suddenly stopped and squatted over him, face to face. She reached down and placed the tip of his cock against her fanny lips. She was on her haunches and hesitated for a few moments as she eased his cock into her. She closed her eyes and then sank down on him. At the bottom of the stroke she dwelled long enough to adjust to his girth. From behind I could see that she was really stretched, albit very well lubricated. Sarah them began a steadily increasing rytham. Before long she was lost in a frenzy; she began pulling at her own nipples and running her hands through her hair.

Colin reched his climax in explosive style, gripping Sarah's hips as she thrust up and down on him. Sarah followed immediately after and ground her pussy hard against his cock.

I was shocked that Sarah had been so forward but glad that she had taken the opportunity. We left the club soon afterwards and wnt straight back to the flat. I could not wait to get my hands on her after seeing the performance.