Written by Hornywife

19 Jun 2003

My husband and I have always talked about and thought about what it would be like to have another man join us whilst in the heat of the moment, I know my husband gets incredebly turned on at the thought of another man fucking me and although it turns me on exactly the same, I never actually come out and say so. Recently on a shopping trip, my husband noticed a black mini skirt that resembles a belt and said he'd buy it for me if I'd wear it out for a drink one evening, daring me to flirt with another man, thinking I'd say no. The thought of actually talking about it whilst at the shops and not in bed turned me on so much that I agreed to wear it and saw an instant rise in his trousers in the middle of the strore, and then saw him disappear with the skirt to the checkout as fast as anything! When we got back home I changed into the skirt with a nice black thong and knee high boots and stood in the kitchen waiting for my husband to come in with the rest of the shopping. I asked him what he thought. He came over to me and stroked my arse pulling me into his ever growing bulge, I could feel my cunt pulsating and becoming so wet. My husband kept asking me how I felt.....do you feel horny?.....do you feel sexy?......wouldn't it be amazing if we had another man with us? I leant against the worksurface in the kitchen and spread my legs whilst standing and my husband slid his hand on to my cunt, slowly rubbing and inserting one and then two fingers and then back to rubbing again whilst asking me again how much I'd like to fuck another man. With that, I took my husbands hand and we went to the bedroom where I lay on side of the bed and spread like what seemed to be wider than ever, and thinking about how much I'd have REALLY liked another man to be with us at that split second in time. My husband rubbed his cock along my cunt lips for a allitle while teasing me, saying how much he'd loved to hold me open for another man to eased deep inside of me, to fuck me and watch me. My heart was nearly pounding out of my chest at the though of our fantasy, and we fucked one very horny fuck. Afterwards, we did something that we've never done before, we talked about it for real and I asked if he meant what he said when he said he'd like me to wear my new mini skirt and flirt with a willing man in a public house............I've had to say yes, because I really would like to try out the reality amd see if it's as good as you lot say it is!

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