Written by Wendy

18 Jul 2005

I straighten my apron and cap and pick up my feather duster before opening the door for him.

“Good day sir.” I say in my poshest voice. “Can I take your coat?” He laughs as I help him out of his jacket. “Is there anything else I can help you with sir?” I ask.

“No” he replies, “I’m going to read my paper.”

“Oh no your not.” I say as I start to undo his trousers. He puts up a token fight but there is a lump in his trousers that says yes please. I slowly pull down the zip and slide his trouser down over his hips. I bend down and gently bite his solid erection through his underpants. He strokes my head as I pull them down to let his cock bounce free. I lick the throbbing end. He moans as I run my hand up between his legs to cup his hard balls and stroke his arse. My mouth slides over his cock as he pulls my head closer. His hardness fills my mouth almost choking me. Slowly, so slowly I start to move up and down. Flicking the end as I come up. Funny, he’s not saying no now. After a while he pulls away from me and spins me around then pushes me face down on the stairs, He lifts my dress to discover I’m not wearing any knickers.

“You dirty bitch,” he says as he strokes between my legs. He forces them apart even further so he can get to me better. His fingers find my wetness and slide into my aching cunt. “I get the feeling you want to be fucked?” he whispers.

“Oh yes please sir,” I reply.

“ I think I like the service in this place,” he says as he pushes his huge cock into my cunt. He stays still as he kisses my neck. He twists my hair around his hand and pulls on it gently. Slowly he starts to move in and out. Each time he thrusts forward I am pushed against the stairs. It’s not very comfortable but pussy doesn’t want to stop. As his pleasure mounts and he moves faster it gets more painful. My moans are half pleasure and half pain. Eventually it gets too much and I have to say something.

“Stop Tam, please. It’s hurting me.” He stops and asks what’s wrong and I explain about the stairs.

“Oh God, Wendy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think. Why didn’t you say anything?” He pulls out and stands up pulling me up with him. He turns me around and hugs me. “You should have said darlin’ are you OK?”

“Yes sweetie. It was just so uncomfortable. I’ll be OK now.” I reach up to kiss him and my hand goes down to his cock. He is starting to go soft so I turn him round and push him down to sit on the stairs. I go down on my knees and take his cock in my mouth. I can taste my juices on it. I start to suck and lick him up and down slowly and it’s not long before he is solid again and he pushes himself up.

“Oh babes, that’s nice,” he says as he moves with me. We move faster and faster. He moans softly at first but he gets louder and louder. “Oh Wendy, oh fuck. Oh God that’s good. I look up at him lying on the stairs with his head back and his eyes closed. My hands squeeze his balls. He moves faster and I can’t keep up so I stop. “Oh God, don’t stop babe. Oh God it’s so good.” He sits up and looks at me. “What’s up darlin’ what did you stop for?” I don’t reply, I just stand up and move forwards opening my legs to go either side of his legs. I slowly lower myself onto his hard cock and moan as he slides in easily. He grabs hold of my hips and pulls me all the way down hard. With his help I move up and down faster and faster as I start to really enjoy it.

“Oh Tam. It’s soooo good.” I gasp and moan as the familiar heat builds up inside me. Oh baby, oh God.” The faster we go the louder I moan. Oh darlin’ oh Tam. Oh, oh, oh, oh.” His face is a mask of concentration as he moves faster to make me cum.

“Come on baby. Come on darlin’. Cum, cum, cum. “ he shouts out in his passion. “Oh Wendy I can’t hold on. Oh cum baby cum.” I am so close when he pushes himself up so hard with a gasp. I can feel his spunk filling me up. I still try to ride him as I am almost there. He lifts me off and pushes me backwards onto the floor and quickly goes down between my legs to lick and suck my cunt. It is just enough to finish me off as I cum with a squeal covering his face with my juices. I shake and buck as he continues to lick and suck at my pussy, drinking in my juices until I’m drained dry and my body calms down. He looks at me and grins.

“Well miss, I think I should give you a huge tip for that. Is room service this good?”

“Of course sir. We aim to please.”