Written by Wendy

25 Jul 2005

“OK, maybe we can make the most of it now then.” He kisses me and runs his hands down my back and up under the hem of the nurses dress. “Mmm that feels nice. I like thongs, they’re so sexy.” He goes down and kisses the tops of my legs, sliding his hand between them. “You smell gorgeous,” he says, “I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

“Me too,” I reply.

“Yeah I bet, knowing the two of us were coming.” He stands up and pushes me onto the bed. He bends down opening my legs and pushes my thong to one side so he can finger my clit. “Nice and hard, “ he whispers as he leans forward and flicks his tongue over it. He slides his finger down to my wet hole and brings it back up to tease clit a little more

“O Chris,” I moan. “Fuck me please.”

“Not quite yet darling,” he says. “Your not ready yet.”

“Not ready? I couldn’t be more ready.”

“No sweetheart you’re not begging hard enough yet.”

“Oh Chris, please. I want you.” I try to sound really desperate. “Oh please Chris, please.”

“Touch it for me. Show me how you do it, “ he says as he stands up and moves back. I slide my hand down slowly and let my finger slip into my aching hole. I bite my lip to stop from crying out. After watching for a few seconds he loosens his trousers. I sit up quickly and go to pull them down but he grabs my wrists and stops me. He pushes me back roughly and before I get the chance to get back up he whips them down and steps out of them. His cock stands up nice and solid, the bulbous end purple and swollen, throbbing as he comes towards me and roughly pulls my knickers off. I’m holding my breath as he lowers himself down between my legs. I close my eyes and arch my back as I feel his hardness slide into my hot cunt, I can’t hold back the small squeal of pleasure as he pushes in as hard as he can.

“Is this what you want you horny bitch?” he asks as he thrusts in and out.

“Oh yes Chris, yes.” I bring my legs up and lock them behind his back. It’s not long before I feel the pressure mount inside me. “Oh Chris harder, please baby harder,” I cry out pushing myself up to meet his thrusts. As he moves faster and harder I gasp and buck under him, “Oh God, oh God, Chris, Chris.” The warmth inside me spreads quickly. “Oh baby, oh Chris harder. Oh, oh, oh, Chris, Chris.” His balls slap against my arse with each thrust and they feel so full and heavy. It feels so good. I want to come but I also want it to last so I hold back as long as I can. I feel my juices building up. “Oh Chris, oh, oh, I can’t hold on. Oh baby, oh God oh babyyyyyy.” I scream my pleasure as my orgasm rolls over and over and my body jumps and twitches as the pleasure goes on and on. I feel like it’s never going to stop but eventually my body calms down and I relax with a sigh.

“Was that good darling?” he asks as he continues to slide in and out.

“M hm,” I reply with a sigh.

“Do you want some more then?” he asks.

“Don’t ask silly questions, “I say and grin at him.

“OK,” he replies as he starts to move faster again. I reach up to touch his face, stroking down from his eyes, down the side of his nose to his mouth. He opens his mouth and I slide my finger in. He bites on it gently then sucks and licks it. “I can still taste your juices,” he says and continues to lick and suck my finger taking in the next one as well. He stops sucking as he moves faster.” Oh Wendy, this is good,” he moans. I push myself up again to take as much of his cock as I can. I feel the build up of pressure again. I pull his head down to kiss him but he is moving too fast to be able to hold the kiss. His breathing is getting heavier and he pants with every thrust. “Argh Wendy. Argh I’m cumming.” He doubles his efforts as he gets closer. I don’t want him to cum just yet so I try to pull away.

“Not yet Chris, please not yet,” I say trying to pull far enough away to stop him.

“Why?” he asks, “I’m so close.”

“I know darlin’ but I want some more.”

“You’ll get some more when your friend comes back,” he says as he reluctantly stops.

“ Yes I know but I want some more with you first.” That does the trick. He sucks in a deep breath with a hiss as he pulls out and rolls over. “I’m sorry, but I want to cum again. I’ll try to make it up to you. I want you to enjoy it too.”

“OK I will Wendy but it was hard to stop right then. You’re a greedy bitch but that’s you all over.” I give him a moment to calm down before I reach out and take hold of his beautiful big cock. It feels so hot and solid. He moans as I rub it up and down. “That’s nice Wendy but it wont help you.” He pulls my hand away and turns me over onto my back He kneels in between my legs and looks at pussy. “It’s really nice, isn’t it?” he says reaching out to stroke it. “You like it being played with don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” I reply, “I love it.” He bends down and licks around my clit, nibbling slightly at it. I moan as I twist and writhe with pleasure. I reach down and run my fingers through his hair, pulling on it as he plays his tongue around my pussy lips.

“Oh Chris that’s nice.” I push myself up into his face. He uses his fingers to play with clit and probe at my arse hole while his tongue goes in and out of my cunt. “Oh Chris. Oh darlin’.” I move up and down going faster as I get closer to cumming again. “Oh baby, oh baby.” I grip his hair and release it as I move. He works his tongue faster in and out of my cunt. “Oh that’s good. Oh Chris.” I push his head down harder onto pussy and grip his head between my thighs as I feel my juices building up. “Oh God, oh darlin’, Chris, oh, oh, oh, oh God oh baby, arghhhh.” My juices burst from me and flood in to his mouth and down his chin. I can hear him slurping as I buck and writhe with pleasure. When I eventually calm down and release my hold on him he comes up for air.

“Bloody hell girl, you trying to drown me?” he asks laughing as he moves up my body and lies on top of me. His face is all wet with my juices and as he goes to kiss me I start to lick his chin.

“Is that nice? Do you like the taste of your own cum?” he asks as he moves his head so I can lick it all off.

“Well I can’t leave you in that mess, can I?” I reply as I finish cleaning him with my tongue.

“Right then,” he says as he rolls off me and lies on his side. “What’re you going to do with this?” He takes hold of his still throbbing cock and waves it at me.

“Oh dear, look at the time,” I say and jump up quickly. “I’d better ring Tam.”

“Oh no you don’t,” He says and grabs my hand. “You’re not leaving me like this.” I grin and turn to face him.

“What do you mean?” I ask laughing, “I said we couldn’t be too long.”

“I’ve got a cock full of spunk and I’m going to give it to you before you ring him.” He pulls me down onto the bed and pins my arms above my head. “He can wait a little longer.”

“Oh,” I giggle, “is that so? What if I say no?”

“You!!!!! Say no!!!! That’s not possible,” he replies. “Where do you want it then? In your mouth or in your cunt?”

“I get a choice do I?” I try to free my hands but he grips them tighter.

“Your mouth or your cunt?” he says again. “Choose now or I’ll choose for you.”

“Shame I can’t have both,” I reply.

“Later,” he says, “you can have both at once later.”

“Ooh I can’t wait. Let me ring him,” I laugh and roll over falling off the side of the bed. He lets go of my hand so I can get up. He stands up with me and spins me around to face the bed. He is behind me and reaches round to play with my tits.

“I’m going to fuck you again first,” he says as he bends me over the side of the bed. I can feel his huge cock probing at me from behind and I stand on my tiptoes to make it easier. I gasp as he guides it into my soaking wet pussy. I push myself back as he starts to slide in and out.

This time you’re not going to stop me,” he says as he thrusts himself hard into me. He puts one hand on my shoulder to hold me still as he moves faster. I whine softly as I feel my pressure mount. Oh God it’s so good. He moves in and out faster and faster. His grunts of effort get louder as I start to pant. My legs are trembling as I feel myself cumming.

“Oh God, oh Wendy,” he shouts out. I jerk and buck with a squeal as I cum in a flood of juices. “Arghh, arghh arghhhhh.” He pushes himself forward with a final hard thrust and I can feel his spunk squirt into me. It helps my orgasm last a little longer. After a while his limp cock slips out of me and I collapse face down on the bed. He lies down beside me and strokes my back not saying anything. We lie there together for a while getting our breath back. Eventually I lift myself up and kiss him gently.

“Thank you darlin’,” I say.

“You don’t have to thank me Wendy,” he says,” it was my pleasure.”