Written by Lipspreader8

5 Jul 2011

They made my fantasy cum true.

I met a couple of gay guy’s they said one was top and one bottom, I never really listened to what they were saying when they said it. We had a few beers.

Then we talked and talked and they were saying about what turned them on and fantasy’s then one said had I any fantasy’s ?

I found myself telling them what I had done with other males that I had met before. Telling them that I liked being stripped naked or told to strip naked while being watched. Then being blindfolded and even sometimes restrained.

Then the bloke who I was with would feel me all over and do what ever he wants to me. The anticipation of not knowing what would be felt, groped, or penetrated next the anticipation and suspense.

Then one said I would love to have some of that and said can I strip you and blindfold you.

Without thinking I said I would love that.

Then he came over to me and stood me up, stripped me naked blindfolded me, then I felt something on my wrists and then the other wrist. Then I realised he had tied me, restrained he started to feel me then took me in his mouth Oh heaven I thought.

I had forgot about his mate, then I realised I had another pair of hands feeling me then a pair of lips and my anus. He spread my arse cheeks and pushed his tongue in as far as he could get it, probing, wiggling then he spread my cheeks even further some lube was applied and he slipped a finger inside me then back and forth, back and forth, then two fingers then three.

Then he put his two thumbs inside me and pulled my hole open just keeping gentle pressure on his thumbs till my hole got wider and wider.

His mate was still sucking my rock hard cock, one hand cupping my balls while he was taking as much as he could in his mouth then out again.

Then a cock was positioned at my hole and slipping inside me gently pushing all the way in, then oh god it felt good. Being fucked his mate holding my cock working his fingers back and forth.

Then a cock was offered to my lips and forced to open my mouth and then it was in me and I was sucking cock like I had done it all my life.

Oh! I am being spit roasted, what a feeling, I am tied, blindfolded and couldn’t see a thing or move anywhere.

I was at there disposal for as long as they wanted to use me, oh this feels so sexy so horny then they swapped places and once again I was being spit roasted.

There was two hands on my head steadily working it back and forth.

The one behind with his cock in me fucking me long firm strokes all the way in and back out again.

Then he put his hand on my cock gripping it firmly his left hand on my hip his right working my cock with his cock in my arse as far as it would go, balls deep.

Then they changed ends again,

I was fucked by them a couple of times each.

Then they rested and got another drink and I was left restrained for them to look at for about ten minutes. Then they removed the restraints and the blindfold and we sat around naked drinking.

My fantasy now a reality.