Written by rob

14 Nov 2006

i would like to share a story or 2 that is very true. my girlfriend jane is the love of my life & the most sexi horny woman a man could want she knows wot she wants knows wot she likes & slowly but surely & to be honest knows that she has do something about it. jane is 5ft5 sexy size 10 green eyes long reddish sometimes brown hair beautiful smile perty tits & the most perfect pink pussy anyway for some time now when we go out to a club its usually a mixed crowd white guys black guys white girls black girls we also go out 2 a club where it is mainly black guys white girls & fuck i love it as jane dances away big smile high heels short skirt tight top & a nice freshly shaved pink pussy that i shaved before we went out she has changed quite alot over a few years for the better i say she says she is being herself. the other week it was a friday night she had a yellow dress nice & short nothing underneth & heels we where having a drink & a dance in a local club full of white guys & jane is upfront about the people she goes off to the toilet when she comes back she is all happy as usual she says that on her way back from the toilet there was a black man with his coat on so she started chatting him up she tells me that he is quite fit he put his hand on her arse my cock went rock hard be back later