Written by Mark D

4 May 2006

The Night Club we were in was busy, loud and full of sexual tension. Carole was dressed (as usual) so sexily in her tight black lace top which shows of her marvellous boobs, short tartan skirt under which were her black lace stockings, suspenders and crotchless knickers. All topped of by her favourite 'shagging shoes'. The club was full with lots of the 'beautiful people' preening themselves, but no-one was getting more admiring glances than Carole...I could see many horny guys staring and no doubt mentally undressing her.

The atmosphere was highly charged and we enjoyed a lot of kissing, feeling and generally turning each other on as we discussed how this was a scenario we had fantasised about many times before. Now, I thought, was as good a time as any to take things further..........

One of the guys who I could see was watching Carole closely went to the toilets..........followed by yours truly. He was slightly younger than my mid-forties, dressed well and from the conversation was in town on business from London. He was well built and was a dark coffee colour ............. fitting the bill for Carole! Having assured him in the Gents that I was NOT gay (!) I asked if he liked what he saw of her and if he would like to explore a bit more in the bar area....... He was, not surprisingly, very keen indeed!

Back at the bar I squeezed past the mass of bodies and gave Carole a brief run-down of my conversation............ we kissed hard, and, with both my hands cupping her face, Carole felt the hands of my new friend stroke her waist slowly from behind. I kept holding her face as she felt her skirt being lifted gently. He glided one hand around to cup her right breast as the other lightly wandered from cheek to cheek, feeling her gorgeous arse and was able to slip inside her pants (Carole opened her legs slightly for him at this point......well, it would be rude not to!) and started to finger her wet, freshly shaved welcoming pussy. She pushed back onto his hand as he moved his other one inside her top and bra, teasing her very erect nipples. We were oblivious to the mass of people around us, but Carole was VERY aware of the hard cock she could feel pressing against her. She was rubbing my cock as she was being fingered by this total stranger, and placed her other hand behind her to feel his hard-on. Our hoped-for trip to the toilets together was scupperred when staff prevented us going in! Shit!

The three of us left the club, all horny as hell and made for a quiet spot to the rear of the building. In the dark alley Carole leant against the wall, and as the stranger was fingering her pussy she opened her blouse and unclipped her bra for him to finally see and feel her fanfuckingtastic tits.

She then whispered to me that she wanted to see if his prick was as good as she thought (she had always wanted a coloured guys cock) and looked for my nod of approval. I was all for it, as I said earlier, I LOVE seeing her play with another guy. She slowly unzipped his trousers and put her hand inside as he continued to feel her kiss her tits. When the trousers and boxers had been lowered she couldnt contain her delight at the long, thick brown cock she was starting to wank. He was much bigger than me and was clearly enjoying her expert wank-action. He leant back as she took his huge cock in her eager mouth. She was wanking him hard into her mouth....God, this was so good to watch!! I couldn't hold back any more and moved behind her, lifted her skirt to see her amazing arse. as she wanked and sucked on him I entered her hard from behind. She was loving every second of this as every thrust of mine pushed her hard on his cock and it wasn't too long before he shuddered and shot a massive load of cum over Carole's face and tongue.

When we got home that night we had a tremendous night of fucking looking back on our adventure with our 'stranger'........

It's not often you get to live out a fantasy, but that was one special night for us both.

We're going out in the car soon for a bit of 'trucker-flashing'................will keep you posted!