Written by rok

9 Mar 2006

You know the script passionate sex with your wife while you are both openley fantassising about screwing another couple, or your wife screwing another man or if your real lucky-another woman!

All this became reality for us as my sexy wife had arranged as a birthday treat for me, for her friend who lives in Jersey to come to our house in the Uk to un wind and relax as she had been having a hard time recently having just got divorced twelve months previous she was in the need of a good break.

To be perfectly honest the thought of a thresome had entered my mind a couple of times, but when we picked Sandy up at the Airport I was in ore of howgood she looked especially as she embrased my wife and was face to face with her, next she greeted me in the same friendly way and we headed home with laughter and chat filling the car.

Later that evening after a few wines the subject got on to sex-and how much sandy was missing it,when my wife said "sleep in our bed tonight-we'll have our first thresome!"-I became arroused immediately and Sandy answered "Yes-that sounds like fun!"

I let the two ladies go up staiors to prepare, and as I sat in the living room I thought to myself well what a result!

will tell you more later.....