Written by Charlie

25 May 2005

I am a 50 y.o. business man and I travel around the country staying in hotels on a regular basis. I posted an account on here of a meet I had with a couple in a hotel in Northampton. Well a little while latter I received a mail from a couple looking for the same thing. So after some emails and a phone call we agreed to meet. Unfortunatley they had been unable to provide any photos so I was a bit apprehensive but thought well if I don't like the look of them or we don't get on I can always say no.

So we met in the hotel bar and had a drink or two. They were about my age and both very relaxed and friendly but they were both on the large side, which is not normally my type. However we got on well and I thought the woman Derdrie not only had very nice looking face but had a lovely personality. Her husband Allan was also very open and easy going.

So after a while the discussions turned more sexy and we decided to go to my room. Now I do not normally go for larger woman but I was feeling quite turned on following our conversation so I was up for it.

When we got to the room Allen went to the loo and Dedrie and I started kissing. To say she was exited would be an understatement because she really came onto me fast. When Allen returned he started to remove her clothing as we kissed and I soon had one of her tits in my hand, squeezing and tweeking the nipple. In what seemed like no time at all she was naked, my fingers were up inside her and she was just loving it.

I had intended to make her suck my cock but things moved so fast and she was just desperate to be fucked so after going down on her for a few minutes I moved up and drove my cock up inside her.

Well for a big lady she was lovely and tight and as I pounded away at her she was groaning and kept saying that it felt so lovely, urging me to keep going. After a while I could feel my climax building so I stopped for a few seconds to hold it back and then started again. I went on like this for some time before I told her that I wanted to cum. She said go on squirt your cum up inside, so I drove on harder and harder untill with a loud groan I fire my spunk deep inside her cunt.

As we lay there calming down she kissed me and told me how much she had enjoyed it before getting up and getting dressed. Allan had sat in the chair in the corner of the room all through this just watching and except for putting his hand up her to check that I had cum inside her before she got dressed, he took no part.

As soon as she was dress they left, the whole thing only lasting perhaps half an hour. However the next day I got two phone calls, one from Allan saying that any time I was in the area if I wanted Derdrie that was fine with him and one from her saying how she was looking forward to the next time.

If there are any other couples out there who would enjoy keeping me company when I anm staying away please getin contact.