Written by Melinda

14 Oct 2003

My name is Melinda. I am 29 and have been happily married to Paul for 8 years. In that time, I can honestly say that I have never as much as kissed another man! Paul trusts me explicitly. I guess things could soon change!

A couple of months ago, Paul had to go away on a course with work, leaving me on my own for a week. As I had never been left on my own, Paul asked Frank, his dad to keep an eye on things while he was away. Frank’s a lovely man, in his early 50’s, who has always had a soft spot for me and over the years, I have often flirted with him as a bit of fun!

The first night Paul was away I had arranged to go out with some girls from work and had just got ready when Frank pitched up! I opened the front door, wearing a very short mini skirt, stilettos and a tight, tit-hugging top and his face was a picture! His eyes roamed up and down my body slowly!

“You look stunning Melinda!” he smiled, clearly appreciating the slightly tarty image!

He said he had just called in to see if I was OK, but I told him I was in a rush to get out. Frank, being the gentleman he is, offered to run me into town to save me a bus ride. When he dropped me off he said he would pick me up later, if I wanted, to which I agreed.

The night flew by and with the best part of a bottle of red inside me, I said goodnight to the girls and went outside to meet Frank. Sure enough, the darling was there waiting for me! I climbed in and was aware that my short skirt had ridden right up my thigh, barely covering my panties! Being slightly tipsy and feeling a bit of a tease, I left it so Frank had a perfect view of my stocking clad legs! The tops of the stockings and the suspenders were on show for him!

He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh and gently stroked it. “You’ve got beautiful legs, Mel” he whispered. I felt a strange tingle run through my body, rather than shock. I left his hand there and he continued running it slowly up and down my stocking!

“Thank you Frank!” I replied, quite flattered by his attention. I really didn’t think a great deal about what he had done. It just seemed like a bit of harmless flirting on my father-in-law’s part.

He drove me home and pulled up on the drive. “Aren’t you going to invite me in Melinda?” he teased, as I started saying goodnight. Well, why not, I thought It couldn’t do any harm. Another drink wouldn’t go amiss!

“OK Frank!” I returned. He looked genuinely surprised.

We went through to the kitchen and I poured us both a drink. When I turned round he was there, right next to me! He took both drinks out of my hands and placed them on the worktop. Suddenly he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me towards him!

“Kiss me you little tart!” he said as his lips came into contact with mine! I know I should have pushed him off, my own husband’s father, but I didn’t! To the contrary, I responded by kissing him frantically! I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I knew I liked the feeling! It felt so dirty and exciting and I felt cheap and, he was right, tarty!

He lifted me onto the edge of the kitchen table and lifted my top off and reached around my back to unclip my bra. Within seconds his hands were mauling my bare tits! He rolled my nipples between his fingers and felt them harden. He played with my tits and then leaned forward to suck them! It was wonderful!

The next thing, he was tugging at my panties, pulling them down and soon his fingers were deep inside me, working away at my hole! I groaned our loud and began rocking to and fro on his fingers!

“You love it don’t you, you dirty slut?” he panted.

“Yes, I do, you bastard!” I replied. “Paul will never forgive me!”

“He’ll never know. It’ll be our secret!” he went on, as he continued fingering my wet slit!

I watched him unzip his trousers and pull out his hard cock. It was just inches from my pussy lips. He nudged his bell end against my lips.

“Just fuck me Frank!” I shouted “Fuck me!”

He thrust deep into me as he stood between my legs and began fucking away at me. He was good. He was so fucking good! Slow deep thrusts, right up to the hilt and back out again until he was almost out…and then back in! Each stroke took me to new heights, taking me closer and closer to orgasm. His pace was quickening all of the time and I was holding on to the edge of the table tightly. Suddenly I shouted out as my body shook. “I’m fucking cumming!” I screamed as he rammed his dick harder into me!

“That’s it you slut, tell me how good it is!” he grunted.

I have never ever been fucked so well in my life and I loved it! “It’s good Frank. It’s amazing!” I panted as he emptied his balls into me! He stood there, squeezing every last drop of his spunk into me, as I clenched my cunt muscles tight against his hard shaft!

Soon after, I took him upstairs and let him fuck me once more in our bed, before drifting off to sleep with him! I woke the next morning with my father-in-law still next to me. I reached over and began to wank his cock back to life!

“You dirty little bitch!” he smiled before climbing back between my open legs and slipping his length hard into me! I took my third load of spunk from him and savoured every second of it! How much better older guys are at fucking!

Now, two months down the line I have found out I am pregnant! It’s unlikely to be my husband’s. It’s almost certainly his dad’s! To think I could be giving birth to my husband’s brother! But it will remain a secret!