Written by Dirtyslut

6 Nov 2004

....simom shot his load in my arse very quickly but then Bob slid up inside me and rode me slowly...showing Simon how to pull out almost completely before sliding back in again....I was in heaven...nothing feels so good as having a well lubbed arse fuck...and I gently sucked Simon's cock back into live as his father pounded me from behind. Bob waited until his son was hard again and then pulled out his cock motioning me to squat over his sons dick. From this position Simon could see my pussing gapping wide and dripping juices and cum over his dick - his dad took hold of Simons cock and rubbed the tip of it over my slit and clit making me shudder...I eased myself down the length of his shaft and began to ride him as his dads fingers worked their way back into my arse. Bob then pushed me forward and I felt the tip of his cock nudge my arse again ......mmmmmmmm God this was so good..... his cock slowly slid back up inside my tight arse as I rode up and down on simons cock...I could feel yet another orgasm building and i rocked and bucked on their dicks like a mad woman....my whole body felt as if it was going to explode as Bob and Simons cocks pounded me harder and harder...bob grunted and said he was about to shoot and Simon gabbled almost incoherently that he was ready too - that did it - my pussy and arse convulsed as my cum juices gushed all over Simons balls and with that both cocks erupted in side me.....I feel to the side and collapsed on the floor totally exhusted, cum running out of me as Bob and Simon gazed at my cunt...simon was enthralled and held my lips open so he could see right up inside me...then he grinned up at his dad and darted his tongue along my slit...lapping the cum from my cunt...I just couldn't move - I was so exhusted...but they weren't finished with me...they fucked me for what seemed like hours...taking turns to cum in me and making me suck their cocks full of my juices...by the time dawn broke I could hardly walk...my pussy and arse were so sore and I was covered in spunk.....I looked over to where Bob and Simon were dozing and grinned ......already looking forward to when they both woke up again:o)