Written by AngelaS

21 Nov 2011

Let me start by thanking you all for your great coments to my 1st story about my 1st time dogging. It was a great turn on for me knowing that both men and women were turned on and wanking over what i had done.

Anyway, my husband got home from work Friday evening, but decided not to go down to his parents till the Saturday morning, i was disapointed as i'd got myself all worked up thinking about going dogging again that night, but we did have some fantastic sex and i let him fuck my arse for the 1st time, he loved it as much as i did. I think i shocked him when i told him to fuck my arse, but he was soon deep in my arsehole, pounding away till we both came together.

We got up Saturday morning, he got showered, we had some breakfast and he kissed me goodbye, saying he would be back home by Sunday lunch time. As soon as he was out the door and drove away, i got the lap top out nd started to read some more of the coments and other stories. Three orgasms later i decided to go into town and bye some new sexy underwear. There's a lingerie shop in town that does some really sexy undies, i spent nearly an hour in there, i decided to bye some to wear for my husband aswell as i was putting it all on the credit card and didn't want him getting suspicious when he got the bill!

By the time i got home and had some dinner it was getting on for 6pm. I ran myself a nice hot bath, soaking in it for half an hour before shaving my legs and pussy. I'd also taken one of my toys in with me, it's a 12 inch dildo with a suction cup on the end. I stuck it on the tiles and sucked on it as i fingered my wet pussy. I was getting close to coming so i stood up, bent over and backed onto it, my pussy lips opening up to allow it inside. As i rode it i rubbed my clit and came really quick, but now felt hornier than ever, thinking about all the strangers i was going to fuck that night. So i pulled myself off the dildo, lined it up with my arsehole and pushed back. It slid up my arse with ease, i didn't stop pushing back on it till it was deep inside me, my whole body shaking with another orgasm flooding through me.

I made sure both my holes were nice and clean before getting out of the bath, got dried off and went to the bedroom to choose what to wear. As i said i'd brought various lingerie sets so i could wear some for my husband, i decided on a black basque, stockings, crutchless knickers and red high heeled shoes. ( My husband has a thing for red high heels!) I knew it was pointless wearing a dress or anything over the top of my sexy undies so just put my coat over the top. I did my make up and hair, looked at myself in the mirror, i looked and felt like a dirty slut, just the look i wanted.

The time was now 8.30pm, was it too early? I decided to head out anyway as i had all night and could wait around if nobody was about. As i set off i noticed that i needed some petrol, didn't think to check earlier, too busy thinking about tonight! I pulled into a station, got out and filled the car. As i walked to the kiosk to pay i felt like everyone was watching me, but i felt like such a slut, knowing that i was only wearing my undies under my coat.

I arrived at the dogging site just after 9pm. It was very foggy and damp, i left the car running after parking up as it was colder than last week. I had driven round before parking up and there were only 2 other cars there, i parked away from them in the same spot as the previous week. I opened my window and lit a cigarette, took my coat off and put it on the back seat. As i smoked my ciggy, my hand fell between my legs, my pussy was already nice and wet and i slid 1 finger inside before putting it in my mouth and tasting my sweet juices.

I had just finished my cigarette and was laying back in the seat, legs spread, 2 fingers of my left hand going in and out of my cunt, my right hand rubbing my hard clit, when i heard a noise in the bushed beside my car. I kept fingering my hole and rolled my head to the side, looking into the darkness i saw a figure emerge from the trees. He was now right next to my car, looking at me through the open window, my heart was beating really fast. I couldn't make out his fitures, but i could see that he was taking his cock out of his zip and wanking it slowly as he watched me. I rubbed my clit harder and rammed my fingers into my hole, my orgasm came suddenly and washed over my body.

I leant forward, reached out the window and took hold of his cock, his body trembled as i took hold of his cock. " Are you here on your own?" he asked. "Yes" i said, "I've come to find some cock and have some fun". We talked as i slowly stroked his hard cock. I then opened the car door, spun round so i was sitting with my legs out the car, leant forward, pulling him closer and wrapped my lips round his cock, taking him to the back of my throat and procided to bob my head up and down his hardness. He started to moan and groan, then put his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. "Oh yes, oh fuck you fucking sexy bitch, oh fuck yer, take that you slut", with that he shot his load in my mouth, which i swallowed. I sucked his cock clean, he thanked me and was gone.

i got back in the car and sat waiting, playing with myself but not letting myself cum. I was there for another hour and a half before any other cars came into the park, it was now 11pm. 1 car came in, drove round and then parked a few yards away from me, then another 3 cars drove in. A man got out the car near me and walked straight over to my window. He saw me sitting there in just my undies and reached into the car, his hand went straight between my legs and pushed 2 fingers into my wet cunt.

"Do you want fucking?" he said as he fingered my wet hole. "Why else would i be here dressed like this?" i said. "Ummm, you dirty slag" was his reply. He then pulled his fingers from my cunt, opened the car door, pulled me round in my seat, spread my legs and went down on my wet pussy. He was being dominant, it was turning me on, the excitment and danger of it. This stranger was going to have his way with me, do what ever he wanted to me and i was loving it! His tongue was poking in and out of my hole, then licking all round my hard little clitty, he pulled me to the edge of the seat, pushed my legs right up into the air and then his tongue was licking my tight puckered arsehole. As he pushed his tongue up my arse he slid 2 fingers into my cunt, his thumb rubbing over my clit. I came, and came hard, my juices squirting out all over his face.

He stood up, pulling me up with him, pulled me close and kissed me, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I could taste my own juices on his tongue and face. He then put his hand on my head and pushed me down, he was being rough with me and it was turning me on more and more. I was squatted down in front of him, he pulled his cock from his trousers, grabbed my hair and rammed his cock in my mouth. He kept hold of my hair and fucked my mouth roughly, his cock getting bigger and bigger in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, making me gag.

He was making plenty of noise and i thought he was going to fill my mouth with his hot cum, but he had other ideas. He pulled me to my feet, bent me over the bonnet, spread my are cheeks and tongued my arsehole again, spitting on my hole then pushed a finger up my arse, then another and another, fingering my arse with 3 fat fingers, opening me up for what i knew was going to be his cock next. Sure enough, when my arsehole was nice and slippery with his spit, he stood behind me and pushed his cock straight into my arse. No messing about, straight into fucking my arsehole hard. "Oh fuck yer, you fucking dirty cunt, you love a big stiff cock up your arse don't you?". The roughness of it all and the dirty talk had me hornier then i can ever remember feeling. "Oh yes, i love a stiff cock up my arse, fuck me hard you bastard, give it to me, spunk in my arse!". He pounded my arse hard for a few more minures, talking dirty all the time, then with a hard thrust his cock was deep inside my arsehole and i felt his cock throb inside me as his hot sticky spunk filled my hole.

He stayed inside me for a short while, then pulled out, grabbed my hair again and made me suck his cock clean. I could taste his cum and my arse on his cock and it just made me feel like such a slut. After he had gone i reached round to my arse, i could feel his cum dripping out, i caught as much as i could and licked it all from my fingers. I then got back in the car. As i sat there i remembered i had the phone number of the man from last week. I decided to send him a txt to see if he wanted to play? He txt back straight away saying he'd be there in an hour.

As i looked up from my phone i saw 3 men standing in front of my car. They could see me from the light of my phone. By now i was so turned on, so i just got back out the car, walked round the front and squatted down in front of them. They all took their cocks out, i took 1 in each hand and 1 in my mouth. I wanked and sucked them in turn, then stood up, bent over the bonnet again and told them to fuck me. The 1st 2 fucked my cunt, both gave it to me hard and fast and both came up me before i could cum myself. The 3rd man slid into my arsehole and fucked me slow, with long deep strokes, reaching round to rub mt clit. It wasn't long before my orgasm started building, his thrusts started to get harder and faster, he stopped rubbing my clit, grabbed my hips and pounded my arsehole for all he was worth. I took over rubbing my own clit as he fucked his cock in and out of my arse. He groaned loudly, i was practicaly screaming as i came and he filled my arse with his cum.

He pulled his softening cock from my arse and i just stayed there bent over the bonnet. Straight away my are cheeks were being pulled apart and i felt the hot breath and a tongue licking at my spunky arsehole. A couple of fingers were pushed up my cunt as the spunk was licked and sucked from my arse. It wasn't long before i was coming again, my juices soaking the hand in my cunt.

When i'd recovered i looked round to see the man from last week who i'd txt, and crouched down behind me was a woman, my cunt juices all over her hand and spunk round her mouth. My god, i'd just been brought off by another woman! The man explained that they were both married, to different people, and that they were fuck buddies. He had told her all about me and she had wanted to come and have some fun too.

He soon had his cock out and both us women were crouched down sharing his cock. I've never been with another woman before, the thought had never even crossed my mind, but here i was licking his balls, sucking his cock, with another woman and her tongue kept licking my lips. The situation was so sexy that i just went with the flow. We sucked his cock, making it all hard and slippery with our spit. He the told us to get up and got her to lay across my bonnet. He then pushed me forward between her legs, bent me at the waist and pushed my face into her wet cunt.

She smelt so sweet, i just pushed my tongue out and licked up her juices, parting her lips with my tongue, tongue fucking her hole, then found her hard clit and set to work to make her cum on my face. As i was licking her cunt, he got behind me and slid his hard cock into my wet sticky pussy. He fucked me deep, but slow, sliding all the way into me, then nearly all the way back out before thrusting deep inside me again. It didn't take her long to cum and i made sure i got all her juices in my mouth and drank them down.

He pulled out of me, moved between her legs and thrust his hard glisstening cock into her cunt. He pounded her pussy till she came again, then pulled out, pushed her legs up over his shoulders and slid into her arsehole. As he fucked her arse i reached down and cupped his big heavy balls. She had her hand between her legs frigging her clit and soon came again. He pulled his hard cock from her arsehole and told me to suck it. I bent down and tasted her on his cock.

He then bent me over so my hands were resting on the car and thrust his cock into my arsehole. She got down between my legs and tongued my very wet cunt. He really pounded my arsehole, her tongue was poking in and out of my cunt, then licking all round my hard sensitive clit. My orgasm was building and i knew it was going to be a big one. I was begging him to fuck me harder, to make me cum, his cock was going in and out of me so hard and fast, then it hit me, my knees went week, my whole body trembles and i came so hard, my juices shooting out of me, soaking her face. He kept thrusting in and out of my arse, then pulled out at the last minute. She took hold of his cock, took it in her mouth and swallowed all the spunk that he shot into her.

We stayed for another hour, both us girls getting fucked 3 times each by other strangers, then we both licked each others cunts clean. Me and her exchanged numbers so that we can meet up again, maybe on our own so she can teach me more about female to female sex.

I finally left to go home t 3am. I drove home well and truely satisfied, my cunt and arse well and truely fucked. I was well pleased with myself and happy that i'd been a slut for another night for loads of strangers. As i rounded the corner and turned onto my drive, my heart sank, there on the drive was my husbands car! All i was wearing was my sexy underwear under my coat, i had cum stains down my thighs and i stunk of sex! Not to mention it was now 3.40am.

If i get as many sexy horny coments as i got to my last post i'll tell you what happened when i walked into the house and had to confront my very angry husband.