Written by Trvlr

9 Feb 2018

We just left a club where my fiancé flashed her beautiful pussy to several strangers. I was the only person to have seen her pussy but not anymore. We left all excited and charged up. She really enjoyed not wearing panties and flashing strangers. As we jumped into a taxi and drove to another club she said that she loved the exhilaration she got when a guy realized that he was going to see her neatly trimmed landing strip. The cab driver was interested in this conversation. As we talked she came up with a plan for the next club. When we got out of the cab the driver gave us his number and said to give him a call and he would be happy to drive us to the next spot.

She entered the club to find a place to sit. I was supposed to enter 20 minutes later but instead I gave her 30 minutes. I went in, bought a drink then slowly walked around until I found her. She was sitting at a table next to a guy talking and having a drink. I sat down across from her next to a couple of guys who were checking her out. My fiancé at the time was 20yrs old, Mexican girl with beautiful skin that looked as though she had a 12 month all over tan with long dark black hair. Incredibly sexy, innocent and ready to try new things. As I sat down the guys were quietly talking about how sexy she is and that they hoped that they could see her pussy again. That’s when as she was looking at the guy she was talking to she slowly parted her legs and now I got a good look. Wow, that was sexy. As she did this her leg touch the guy she was talking too. He placed his hand on her leg. I couldn’t believe it. I’m staring at her pussy while another guys hand is inches away from her love spot. After she finished her drink she got up and went to the bathroom. I followed a little later.

When she came out I asked how she was doing, she stuck one of her fingers in my mouth then gave me a passionate kiss. I could taste her juices on her finger. She said that she was so turned on she had to rub herself for a little bit. I asked what was getting her all turned on. She said that while she was flashing was and the guy put his hand on her leg she started thinking about him touching her pussy while I watched. That was a very erotic thought and got me very hard. She wanted to leave. I thought, great, let’s get the cab and head home for some great sex.

When we got outside she wanted to walk for a little bit to cool down. As we were walking she said that she wanted to try this club. I looked up and was surprised. It was a totally nude strip club. She said that she had never been and wanted to see what it was like. I thought, great, let’s go.

As we walked in I never realized I would be in for this kind of surprise.