Written by Belinda

27 Nov 2004

I really wanted to see Colin again after that mind blowing phone call and all that beautiful sex that we shared down the line. My clit tingled just remembering how he fucked me. I played with myself often and got really wet just thinking about it.....

Just a few days on, I deliberately went into the bank to take some cash out and made sure that Jenny served me. She looked a bit embarassed when she saw me and I teased her for a minute or two about giving a stranger my mobile number. She looked so worried though that I burst out laughing and thanked her. Not exactly going into details I asked her if she fancied going to the pub for lunch? She quickly said that she did, and as it was getting on for that time now she got her coat and we went straight away.

I so much wanted to get Colin's number, in the hopes of seeing him again.

We were soon settled in our local and I got in some wine and sandwiches and we talked for a bit and then I asked her where she met Colin? She said that he was an old friend of her brothers and that she had fancied him for a long time but he had this gorgeous girlfriend called Claire, and they had been together for years. My heart sank, he had mentioned her to me...what a lucky girl she was. I told her how I had rescued him on that wet night and agreed with her that he was gorgeous. I said that he had phoned me, but not going into too much detail I said that he seemed to quite fancy me too.

I took her back to the bank and kept thinking about Colin and wondering if I could plan some way of getting him on his own. When sex rears its head my pride disappears and any guilty feelings too. I phoned Jenny that night and suggested an idea that I had, and being the naughty girl she was, the idea appealed to her too. And this is what we did.....

I knew that Colin was at the pub with his friends on a friday night, a sort of boys night out each week and I got there soon after nine. I was going to pretend that I was looking for someone and spotted Colin at the pool table. He recognised me at once and came over. Feigning surprise that I had not seen him. He insisted on buying me a glass of wine and we sat together at a corner table for a while, and then I let a long slim leg appear from my coat, showing just my black stocking. He noticed immediately and I saw him swallow and his prick rise in his trousers. Licking my lips and smiling at him I played games with the bulge in his trousers and he was putty in my hands.

I said that I couldn't stay long as I was looking for my cousin as I needed some help. Colin asked what had happened, as I openned my legs just slightly to display that I wasn't wearing any panties. His eyes were enormous as I crossed them back again smiling at him. He got up and said that he would not be a moment then came back and said that he would come with me. Biting my lip I smiled to myself and felt my little pussy purring inside my coat.

Soon we were side by side...just like before in my car travelling through the dark night.He said that he really fancied me and just how much he had enjoyed the phone call.

Smiling to myself I thought that he would enjoy what was coming up even more as we approached a big area of woodland. It was beautiful with fur trees and the moon was shinning brightly showing their lovely shapes in the night sky. I pulled the car up in the empty car park ( lucky dogging hadn't started.... I could have imagined this carpark being full!!) and turned out the lights. Colin was immediately in my arms and kissing my lips as I spared a thought for Claire!!

I remember well his face as he undid the buttons of my coat revealing that I was completely naked except for a whispy black suspender belt and sheer black stockings. "Wow" he said as his hands disappeared between my legs. Anticipating what was to come I was soaking wet.... Turning into the back of the car I picked up a blanket and suggested going into the woods. "Yes please!" he said, opening his door so quickly I thought that he was going to fall out!!

The moon was shining and it was giving plenty of light that showed a little path leading into the woods. Now almost naked I took his hand and lead him up the path.

I knew where I was going and that Jenny was waiting also naked under her coat hiding behind one of the trees!!

Colin put the blanket down and feeling so much excitment coursing through my body I smiled as I started to pull the zip down of his trousers...releasing a huge delicous prick that spang out like a jack in the box! He soon tore of the rest of his clothes.

I knelt down on the blanket and gently, very gently, almost teasingly licked his large hard prick at the end then sliding my head forwards taking the whole length in my mouth and it was definitely a big one! Feeling his balls pressing against my chin I remembered back to the phone call when I had imagined him there and as I sucked my mind was reeling at the thought of what was to come.

I could see Colin's face and now naked body in the soft moonlight. The smell of the pine trees was intoxicating as I made love to his cock. I saw Jenny watching from a nearby tree and her fingers played with herself as she watched us. With my free hand I beckoned her and she soundlessly came over. She was now completely naked and looked beautiful with her creamy skin and long blond hair in the half light. Colin's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her, amid groaning as my lips took his cock to the very back of my throat.Jenny came over and started to kiss Colin as I continued to suck him and they kissed deeply as his fingers played with her breasts.

Eventually I stood up and parted them. Jenny moved away behind me as I too kissed Colin and as my hands held his head and moved through his hair, I felt Jenny come up close behind me.

Colin and I were getting pretty worked up by now, when I felt Jenny put her arms around my waist and her hands caressed my tits. The three of us just stayed for a while sandwiched together. Suddenly I felt her delicate fingers move down my thigh and disappear between my legs and inside my wet little fanny. By now the three of us were writhing backwards and forwards together and my mind was swimming feeling her lovely soft flesh and her gentle caress deep inside me. Colin continued to kiss and cradle my large breasts, as I squirmed on Jenny's fingers that went in even deeper.

I turned round and dropped to my knees and turning Jenny slipped my hand between her legs and into her soft shaven little cunt from behind and it was very wet indeed as I pushed my fingers into her and she moved backwards and forwards breathing heavily as I moved them round to her tight little arse. Colin took over pushing Jenny to her knees and as she leaned forward I watched as he pushed his prick into her from behind. Jenny found this a massive turn on and wriggled and squirmed until he disappeared inside easily. I watched as her beautiful tits swung rapidly in the half light. I could see the look on his face and felt quite jealous, wishing it was me but I lay back on the soft pine needles rubbing my rock hard nipples and my clit watching their magic as their bodied rocked backwards and forward. Then both reaching a climax together and screamed out in the quiet woodland.

Colin came over and I think he knew how I felt as he whispered to me "was I alright?". I quickly assured him that I was alright and said how beautiful it all was.

Then standing up I put my hands round his neck and hoisted my legs so that they were wrapped round his waist. His cock was a bit on the soft side so I gyrated my cunt all over it, soaking him with my juices and as I watched his face enjoying this sensual contact I soon felt him harden again against me. I felt his delicious entry as he gently pushed his prick deep inside with me still in his arms. I tightened my muscles around him and he cried out as I started jerking my hips and grasping his bum I parted his cheeks and pushed a finger into his arse hole. It obviously really turned him on and we didn't last long, especially in that position and we both came together and collapsed onto the rug.

He then gently lay me down and for a few minutes the three of us were silent, listening to an owl hoot somewhere in the distance. Colin then moved and tweaked Jenny'a hard nipples and I watched as his prick started to harden again as he turned and put his cock into her mouth and leaning almost diagonally he started to kiss my body from top to toe, slowing down as he reached my excited little tiangle. It was heaven as I felt his tongue disappear inside me and I watched as Jenny's lips moved backwards and forwards, sucking furiously. I could only concentrate on her for a few moments because Colin was making my body feel so wonderful. The heat of his body surged into mine and I relaxed letting my mind take it all on board as I wriggled my hips to show him just how much I was enjoying it all.He pulled away and I felt his kisses again as they travelled all over my body, face, neck and shoulders. My cunt was aching for him to fuck me again and my heart was pounding as he buried his face between my cleavage and felt his fingers caressing my tits and then pushing the together he took my very erect nipples between his finger tips. He rolled them around like hard little cherry pips, tweaking them and sending excited thrills through my aching body. It felt divine as he pushed my legs open and I felt the tip of his hard cock against my hungry fanny lips as I thrust my hips upwards inviting him to push himself in. My head was rolling from side to side and I could hear soft moans leaving my lips as he teased me by not completely entering me. He then gave me one of those delicious grins and moved round and squated over me his prick so close and it seemed so long until it slid inside. As it did I started moving backwards and forwards with my hips and gripping him with my muscles he thrust deeper inside me sending jerking, clutching spasms through my tingling body and with the same rythmic movements he tensed his own body as I reached his buttocks and pulled Colin closer. I dug my nails into his flesh pulling him even deeper inside me and then with an unstoppable shuddering jolt I could not hold out any longer and a violent orgasm flashed through my body and I had one uncontrollable orgasm after another. Colin also screamed out as he throbbed and twitched and filled my body with his spunk. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it. Collapsing on top of me we lay together breathing heavily in each others arms.

We lay there a for a while in the moonlight peacefully until I remembered Jenny. Looking round for her I saw her not far away, she had obviosly been very turned on watching us making love and her fingers were playing between her legs. I called her over and she snuggled down beside me and I let my fingers brush against her soft wet pink cunt lips and as the tips of my fingers came into contact with her clit, I heard her shudder. She was incredibly wet and I was so excited touching another girls pussy. Jenny shifted herself slightly and openned her thighs wider and arching her back she gave me more access to suck her cunt and she kept quite still as I pushed my tongue between the soft folds of her fanny lips. I tasted her delicious juices as I pushed my tongue in further and through half opened eyes saw Colin rubbing her luscious tits round her huge erect nipples. As his other hand caressed the full globe he kissed them and sucked her.

Bringing my attention back to Jenny's fanny I smeared her love juice with my lips and tongue all around the area and her upper thighs. The little pink valley was so wet as I moved my tongue round to her tight little arse where I gently inserted a finger. I knew that she was enjoying this and I suddenly felt her experince the start of an orgasm as every muscle in her body went taut. Holding her gently in my arms till I eventually felt her relax. We disentangled ourselves and her sweet mouth clasped on mine and she whispered "Thank you" and I knew that she meant for sharing Colin.

We lay together whilst Jenny got her breath back, there was no need for us to speak. After a while I watched as Jenny felt Colins hardness against her soft skin. He pulled her into his arms and she snuggled into his stong masculine body. I could see the excitment in her eyes as he pushed down on her, taking her once again. I watched them with fascination as they made love together and as his lips crushed hers I watched her surrender to his passion in the moonlight, and with the intoxicating sent of the pines I lay there sexually exhausted and tired.

My mind returned to Claire, Colin's girl friend and wondered what she would say if she could see him now!! Suddenly I wanted Colin again as I leaned over and reached for his beautiful cock, I just had to have him one more time........