Written by Ultiamte pleasure

26 Sep 2006

Hi there, we are a young horny couple looking for an extra male to take Lucy and fuck her senseless ...... easy you might think but men saying they'll come and actually doing it, appears to be difficult. Saturday night though changed all that and it was FUN.

Lucy had been off work all day and had spent the day get cleaned, shaved and dressed. When i got home from work we made our way to the hotel. We got there at about 8.30 pm our friend for this evening arrived at about 10pm. We chatted for a while and had a few drinks, then we played some cards .... which moved onto strip poker. First couple of games Lucy looses she lost her top and stiletto heels, both us lads start getting excited. Then we start to loose and both end up naked very quickly .... now shes excited ... next few games she looses. Ross and myself then decide that we should play for the ultimate prize of first dibs on her pussy!!

I loose, not that im too disappointed, and she tells him to get on the bed and eat her out. Im sat there with a raging hard on whilst shes lying there groaning away telling him how good his tongue feels. I come round to her face and shove my cock down her throat whilst twisting and pulling on her nipples. Shes now getting so wet and is greedly sucking my cock. Ross decides that he wants to fuck her and slips his cock into my beautiful wifes pussy. I decide to lift her legs in the air holding them there so Ross can fuck her hard whilst iv still got my cock down her throat. After 10 mins he swaps with myself and i fuck her hard still holding her legs up whilst i have a fantastic view of her sucking his cock. I only last another 10 mins when i pump her pussy full of cum. Ross then slips his cock straight into her creampie (Lucy tells me the next day that this really turns her on knowing hes fucking her pussy full of my cum). After 5 mins he pulls out and sprays his cum all over her tits.

We get back to a couple of drinks for a while but its not long before she sits on my face and i startt eating her out, i can still taste my own cum in her pussy but that turns me on and i get hard again so Lucy slips my cock back into her mouth. Ross decides he doesnt want to be left out and gets her off my face and lies her on her back slips his cock in her mouth and i get between her legs. This time i fuck her first whilst shes sucking on his cock This time we both last about 40 mins dispite the fact that after a while i stop fucking her and grab the back of her head and start face fucking his cock with her head. When he cums he fills her mouth and then turns to me as she lets all the cum run out onto her tits. She lies there as i fuck her pussy again and fill her. When i get up i just stand and admire there as she lies there with cum running from her pussy and all over her tits.

Its now 3 am and im at work at 8 am so decide to go to sleep only to be woken up at 5 to her being fucked right next to me just as he's pumping her fifth load of cum deep into her pussy.

When i get home from work the next day she tells me to lick her pussy cos she hasnt cleaned it all day (this rreally turns me on). As im licking her pussy she tells me we are meeting in a fortnight at the local snooker hall which has private halls upstairs, and we are going to play for the right to fuck her. Apparentlt he's REALLY good and im not gonna get much of a look in, but she tells thats fine cos i can eat her out, especially after hes illed her pussy with cum as she wants me to lick his cum out her pussy ............... I cant wait but i'll update when its happened.