Written by T

21 Jul 2004

I posted an ad looking for a mature couple who want horny guy to join them, eventually I meet a couple and we started to chat via e-mail. Bill and Ann were 54 and Ann was a BBW size 20 and with large Breasts (a dream come true, you see I love the mature BBW)

A bit about me, well I am married ( wife knows nothing) 34 and and average guy who loves sex (don't we all)

Anyway after a few weeks of mailing we finally agreed to meet up. A hotel was booked and we all meet in the bar and said our hello's etc.

From our mail it was agreed that Bill would watch as me and Ann had our fun and take pics.

We made our way to the room. Ann and I were straight at each other in the lift groping and sticking tounges in each others mouths, Bill was happy to watch. In the room I went to the bathroom while Ann got herself ready and then called me in.

I entered the room and there she was naked, spread out across the bed and Bill was sat in the corner also naked stroking his dick. I quickly made my way to the bed (after all I had been waiting for this moment for a long time) Ann and I started to kiss and I started to pull on her huge nipples. Ann quickly took hold of my hardening cock and wanked me quite hard. She had a body to die for and I was keen to explore every inch of her. I made my way down to her pussy which she had shaved especially for me. I had to have a taste, As I put my tounge on her clit she came and I could taste her straight away. Boy she tasted good, I had to carry on slurping and nibbling her clit and piss flaps.

She then started to moan and soon another orgasm ripped through her. 'fuck me, fuck me she demanded, who was I to object and I soon mounted her and in one thrust I shoved my cock right inside her. Bill started to take some pics and was wanking faster now, but Ann and I just ignored him really.

She felt soaking wet, but good, she told me she wated it from behind and we quickly changed positions and again I trust my cock right up her. As I love the BBW I couldn't resist giving her big arse a slap, to which she seemd to like.

Not content with this I then wet my thumb and started to play with her arsehole. Ann didn't seen to mind and so I pushed a little and in it went (fantastic). This was enough for me and I felt my balls tighten and I told Ann I was going to come, 'give it me, fuck me, fill my wet cunt' she shouted. That was enough for me and I shoot 3 spurt of come right up her.

I then fell on my back after what was an excellnt fuck, But Ann wanted more she proceeded to straddle my face and lowered her cunt down to my mouth. ' lick me dry' she shouted, 'taste your come with mine' she said. Well with words like that I was soon getting hard again.

I started to lick and nibble and I could taste our come mixing as it dribble down into my mouth. Ann was loving it and in no time she started to come again except this time liquid was running in my mouth. I quickly lapped it up only to realise that she was dropping dribs of her piss into my mouth (great another fantasy fullfilled). Here I was drinking piss form the cunt of the woman I had just spunked up.

I had completely forgotten about Bill but not forlong as I felt his lips around my cock. (shit I hadn't considered this before) but here he was licking all our jucies from my cock and loving it. He started to push a finger in my arse, well with what was happening to my mouth it was all too much and I shot my load into Bills mouth, which he just lapped up.

After Ann had finished she climbed off and gave me a high kiss tasting our jucies and her piss and made her way to the bathroom, Bill followed.

I cleaned myself up and left. I couldn't resist having a wank when I got home on the thoughts of the day. WOW..

Hope you enjoyed the story bue for now.