Written by Jeremy

10 Jan 2007

Roland was a 67 year old retired consultant,he was

very genuine and kindly and Jackie took to his very

distinguished look of fatherly authority,he had a

good physique and a full head of white hair (Just

Jackies fantasy).We met for the first time at a nice

pub on the outskirts of town and we got on like

a house on fire as they say.Jackie looked great in

a smart black trouser suit and i saw Roland liked

what he saw.Roland was very open and he cut to the

chase very quickly when he said rather charmingly

to Jackie "You are quite lovely my dear and with

your husbands permission i hope we can enjoy eachothers

company further?" Of course i agreed.It was never

my intention to be present at any time during the

sessions i hoped they'd have,as i thought this would

inhibit Jackie and the chap in question,i had hoped

simply to be teased with the details later by Jackie.

Roland however went one better."If you like i can

make a home movie or take some pics for you" he said

while Jackie was in the ladies.My heart pounding i

said "That'd be great".