Written by Tina

28 Mar 2006

I am writing this from work and hopefully my boyfriend will have realised its me by the time he finished reading this. I know he reads SH everyday because he left his PC on last night and i looked through his history ( let that be a warning to you )

I was a little pissed off that he was ogling other women but decided not to confont him instead I searched through the site myself and found I was incredibly turned on by the variety of exploits that are happening everyday and the fact that people are living out their fantasies and loving them.

So I set off for work this morning hoping to live out one of mine and boy was it greeaaatttt.

I dressed this morning in a summery flowery dress that buttoned up down the front I am a size 10 with reasonable size breasts that just about stretch the material. The buttons are about 8 inches apart and slightly gaping around my bosom.

I had my thick winter coat on as it was freezing this morning ( and I wanted an option if I chickend out). I wore hold up stockings and nothing else no bra or panties in fact I can feel myself getting wet again thinking about it all as I am writing this.

I got on at my usual stop I have 12 stops then have to change and as usual the train was packed. I looked around the carriage and noticed some familiar faces that generally have the same kind of route as me and spotted my victim!!!

He was about 45 quite tall handsome with dark hair with a touch of grey at the temples he had a dark suit and a kind face. I made sure that we had some eye contact and let my coat fall open slightly so he could see the outline of my breasts through the flimsy material immediatly he looked away slightly embarrassed but kept peeking back not beleiving his luck I supposse. Any how we changed trains and I made sure I squeezed in the carraige facing him.

We were packed in like sardines my body pressed against his him looking straight over my head but I knew he wanted to look down my top. I opened my coat slightly and let my breasts rub against him with the motion of the train. I then decided this was it I simply put my hand on the front of his trousers and felt his cock through the material. He was as hard as a rock. I discreetly took his right hand and placed it between my legs allowing him to do what he felt like doing and boy he did.

he undid one button to allow access and then simply inserted one then two fingers into my wet and shaven pussy. he slid them in and simply massaged the inside of my pussy firmly leaving his fingers in the whole time, what with the rocking of the train I orgasmed in about 30 seconds. He took his fingers out looked at me and said my turn. I answered not here so we jumped off the next stop got into a taxi where I gave him the lowjob of all blow jobs swallowing every last drop as he dropped me off at the office.

I dont know his name nor he mine and that was great. I am desperate to cum again so Phil if your reading this phone me and be ready to fuck me when I get in.

Actually I am playing with myself now at my desk only Susan is in and she is next door so I am going to have quick play now bye..