Written by Mal and Denise.

26 Aug 2006

I am mal, and my girlfriend is called Denise.we joined a club in Newport, and we went to our first party.we met a couple called Dave and Sandra, and after chatting for a while,Dave said that he was going to one of the bedrooms and asked if we wanted to watch them. we said ok,and after 10 minutes we went to the bedroom,and saw that Dave was licking Sandra out. he called us to have a closer look. we moved in closer, and possitioned Denise in front of me.she put her hands back and started to squeeze my dick, i then moved my hands to her tits and pulled them out over her bra and low fitting top.After watching for a couple of minutes she said lets go into another room.we shot into another bedroom,and we stripped off very quickly,it was obvious that this had turned Denise on very much. I licked her cunt, then i climbed on to the bed and fed my dick into her mouth, at the same time, i had her legs spread and was fingering her cunt. all of a sudden, Dave and Sandra came in,and started watching us. I pointed towards Denises cunt for Dave to lick her,he did this, then Sandra did the same. Denise then told me to fuck her. I went between her legs and pushed my dick up her. Dave and Sandra moved onto the bed,and started licking her tits, i then told Dave to put his dick in her mouth, for Denise to suck. i came very quickly and Dave and myself changed ends. he then put his dick into Denise while i had my dick being sucked by Denise, and at the same time,feeling Sandra up.I pulled my dick out of Denise and offered to Sandra who went staight down to suck my dick. once Dave had shoot his cum up Denise, Sandra went down to lick her husband Daves cum out of Denises cunt.we then got dressed,and went our seperate ways. Denise cant wait to do this again, in another party next month in Newport.