Written by naughtmay

31 Aug 2006

Well I realise now that I cut my story very short & some of you just weren't satisfied, it seems you want all the details & not just the basic facts, well I'm new to this but learning fast.

If you read the basic story you will know that my hubby wanted me to have sex with him & another guy which happened recently at a little hotel in Sorrento, Italy when I opened the door to the baggage porter with nothing on but a little white thong.

Well here he was, a complete stranger, fondling my tits & rubbing my pussy when my husband came out of the bathroom.At that second this Italian guy had his tongue down my throat & needed a bit of encouragement to carry on when my hubby appeared but he soon got the gist of the idea, when I reached down to rub his cock through his trousers. You have to realise I have never had any other cock but my husbands (that is anywhere, not even in my hand) so when I unzipped his trousers & pulled this porters manhood out I nearly fainted with excitement. My husband was behind me now & I could feel his hard cock against my arse. He asked me if I liked what I was getting & I just gasped, too excited to even speak. I then sat on the bed & my husband & the porter (wish I knew his name) both stood in front of me & for the first time ever I had a nice hard cock in each hand. If like me you have never had this before ladies, then it is an absolute must. Both cocks had some nice pre-cum dripping from them I licked it from my hubby & then loked at him longingly as I looked at the porter. He nodded & I slipped my lips over the porters lovely cock. He was moaning like mad & squeezing my head so hard I thought it might fall off. I then pulled away & lay on the bed, my hubby joined me whilst the porter stripped off completely. My hubby took my tit in his hand & offered it to the Italian guy & then he went to work on the other. My tits are not big enough for me to lick myself whilst my hubby is sucking, so again this was a new wonderful experience. The porter then slipped away & started to lick my pussy & I turned on my side so my hubby could get at my arse & that is when I absolutely exploded. I had a strangers tongue inside my pussy & my hubby's tongue up my arse & that was just too much to take. The porter licked for all he was worth but had to move away before I drowned him. It was then that he wanted to fuck me, but my husband held up his hand & so no fucking but I grabbed his cock & wanked him off until his cum shot all over my tits & neck & face. He was very happy & after that my hubby picked up his clothes making it clear he had had his tip. Unfortunately we didn't see him again before we left or I might have got another helping, but through this site I am hoping to get lots more cock, I just hope my hubby will let me have it all inside me.