Written by dave

15 Jan 2004

About 4 years ago I was going through that stage, ever relationship goes through. Sex same ever night same positions etc. we had been together about 12 years got kids never go out misss not interested in trying anything different. I tried to get her to come out and meet other couples but she didn't want any thing to do with it. Our local ad paper had a personal contact section at the rear. I had been bi curious since at school, but back in those days you darn't try anything. If word got out you'd be tarred for life.

Anyway I placed ad for 1st time bi curious guy looking for similar. I can say I'm straight, never find men attractive but fancied a bit of bi fun. Received loads of replies but one struck my fancy name of Pete lived about 20 miles away, we corresponded by e-mail for about 3 months exchanging details of our life's and experiences etc. one of theses emails mentions his girlfriend would like to watch. So eventually we meet in pub just outside Bristol for a face to face chat. They were already there when I arrived. I had a transit van at the time so they knew it was me, he greeted me outside, we went in and he introduced me to Rachel his girlfriend. She had jeans on, jumper and reading a book but she was slim very attractive nice hair and eyes.

We got a drink and chatted, next thing we knew it was time to leave, and we all went our separate ways,

Over the next couple of months we corresponded, then out of the blue he emails can make Thursday night for bi fun. At this point male to male action had little appeal; I want Rachael there as well even to only give the added twist of being watched.

We met up Thursday at the same pub, but no Rachael there, he said she was busy and will meet up later, and he said follow me back to our house. We got there again no Rachael, we had beer then he started touching my leg, at this point I thought it's now or never, we both stripped each other off. Playing with each other and sucking after about half-hour Rachael comes home, she walks in says hi, then goes into the other room. Well this is weird but what could I do .

Eventually the CD finishes so Pete calls Rachael in to change CD, and asks her to give him a hand. She sits between Pete and me on lounge floor giving him a bi. She is fully clothed and making no effort to be equal, I decide to push my luck and carress her breast through her jumper she does not stop me, so I slid my hand up and under, now feeling her bra covered boobs, she removes her jumper. I reach behind her unclipping her bra, I carry on touching her boobs and then sucking her breasts my hand then starts rubbing off Pete. He is also wanking me, we are both shaved. My other hand is fumbling at Rachael's jean tops. With this she stands up slowly peels them down to reveal smooth satin pink knickers, then sitting down again I carress her through the thin material noticing how wet she is. I even get my hand inside, slipping a finger inside, all the time Pete is wanking me and watching, I'm still wanking him, we both come about the same, time has got on it's now about 11.30 and got a good half hour drive home. We shook hands and parted, the strange thing was that during all this Rachael never touched me once. We kept in touch but due to their and my work never had the chance to meet them again.