Written by Dan

29 May 2006

I am a married 40 something guy. Straight sex with my beautiful wife had become a little boring and we had spiced up things in the bedroom. Role play and video etc,

But I did not know what else it was I needed until I went to look at a new housing development near Leicester in my sales role with a construction materials company.

The Sales person in the show home was a young guy of about 30. Good looking, which for me to think like that, started to question my sexuality. He introduced himself as Mark and we chatted about the development and some more general things.

His phone rang and their was a heated conversation ending with him cutting the other person off. Mark apologised and remarked it was his partner.

“She’ll forgive you if you take her some flowers” I said.

“HE won’t” was Marks bitter response.

“Sorry, I just assumed it was a woman”.

Mark explained he had been with this guy for 2 years and he was very possessive and he wanted out of the relationship. I could not help staring at him and he noticed me doing it to.

“Are you bi or gay” he asked directly.

“No, do I look gay” I enquired.

“There is no single gay look” he retorted.

“Sorry, again” I added

“Can I take a look around the show home” I queried?

“Go ahead, I was about to lock up for the day, but I will wait”.

I went into the furnished house and Mark followed. We chatted about the construction and the area. Mark was changing a dead light bulb in the bedroom and standing on the bed to reach it. I lost my sense and in close proximity to me I grabbed his leg as he started to sway and almost fall over.

My fingers were near his balls and he stared at me.

“Any closer and we will need to get married”, he joked.

I was getting aroused and Mark could tell.

He just stayed there waiting for a further reaction from me.

I rubbed my hand over his cock and I felt it get hard. I know what my wife feels as she touch me.

“Get it out for me” Mark said.

I unzipped him and put my hand in. grasping his cock and levering it out. It was pointing right at me and throbbing in my grip. I started to slowly wank him off. Semen moistened the tip of his cock and I moved my head closer putting my mouth over his rigid cock. It felt good and I was getting harder too. I know what I was missing all those years. I was sucking a mans cock and it felt fantastic.

I released his belt and pulled his trousers and pant down to his ankles with his cock still in my mouth. He held my head and fucked my face. I caressed his balls with my hand and then run my tongue down his shaft putting one of his balls gentle in my mouth. I continued to wank him, now much faster and Mark was moaning with pleasure. With my other hand I had my cock out and wanked myself in time with his cock. I could feel his load building up and pulsating though my hand. The first shot of his cum his my face and I quickly covered the end with my mouth, I wanted to know what it tasted like. I had a mouthful and had to swallow all his load.

I came in my hand and over the bed.

Mark wanted to return the deed but it was too late, I had cum.

A week later I went back and we both stripped and 69’d with massaging and I fucked his arse. He is going to fuck mine next week.