Written by Sid

31 Jul 2005

During our love making we had talked dirty about VJ riding another mans cock while I watched but this was only fantasy and something to excite our sex sessions.

We had found an offer on the Internet for cheap rooms in a well known budget hotel chain so decided to book a room for the two of us and have a night out without the kids.

We got to the room about 3pm and filled a bath and put some fragrant oils in it. I bought a bottle of champagne with us and we settled down in the bath together and had a great sex session without any interruptions.

VJ had put on a very sexy skirt and top with no bra and her stockings and suspender belt on. I tried to get her not to wear her thong but see put it on telling me she always got moist and didn’t want to drip her juices on her skirt.

I had booked a table at our favourite Mexican restaurant and we drank a couple of Tequila shots and a bottle of wine.

Whilst we were eating VJ kept rubbing her foot along my legs up to my groin and teasing me. After the meal we went clubbing, which was the first time in 15 years. We danced and drank some more and all night she was flirting with me and rubbing my groin.

She looked incredibly sexy and I wanted her there and then but had to wait.

At about 1am I was feeling tired and wanted to go back to the room and shag her lovely moist fanny. When we left the club I suggested that we go via the river and have a session. This part of the river is a well used public footpath from one end of the town to the other but I figured it would be quiet at this time of the day.

We got down to the river and I just couldn’t wait I pushed her against the wall and pulled her top up to reveal her pert tits, her nipples were like the proverbial Scammel wheel nuts. I bent down to suck them and VJ arched her back in ecstasy.

I reached my hand down to her crotch and her thong was sopping wet from her sex juices. I pulled her thong aside and slid my finger into her with ease and then pulled it out sliding it across her clit. VJ moved her groin around thrusting back and forward to the action of my fingers.

I had a raging hard on which was trying to burst out of my trousers. VJ pushed her hand down to my trousers and undid the buttons on my fly and released my average sized 6” cock. It was stood to attention and already wet with pre cum and she started to run her hand up and down it. With my trousers around my ankles and my boxer shorts just below my arse I could feel the breeze on it I felt so turned on I just wanted to fuck her moist pussy.

All of a sudden VJ stopped moving to the thrust of my fingers and stopped pulling my cock and said there is a bloke watching. I asked her what he was like and she just said quite fit and worth a shag.

I was gob smacked; it must be the drink talking. I looked round and saw this bloke looking at us and he just said don’t stop on my account. I was beginning to enjoy it. In the dim light I could just make out a bulge in his trousers. I asked if he wanted to have a feel of my wife’s juicy fanny and of course he did.

He walked over and pulled VJ’s skirt over her waist and pulled her thong down. She lifted her one leg out leaving her thong draped around her other leg.

I stepped to the side as I watched this complete stranger suck my wife’s tits and finger fuck her fanny. She was moaning with pleasure and undid his zip and lowered his trousers to reveal a good 8” cock, which was slightly thicker than mine, was.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my wife being finger fucked and having her tits sucked by a complete stranger while I stood there with my trousers around my ankles with the biggest hard on I had ever had.

This stranger then turned my wife around and started to suck on her clit drinking her juices, which were now dribbling down her legs. I watched as he slid three fingers in and out of her. Then he slid his other hand up the outside of her thigh and moved it across her buttock towards her arse. I had recently introduced a little arse play into our lovemaking and VJ had responded well but would never let me insert anything into it.

This bloke rubbed my wife’s juices across her arsehole and slid his finger into her tight hole and she just screamed out yes, yes as he finger fucked her arse and sucked her cunt.

This was too much for her as she had such an intense orgasm bucking back and forth over his face. When she had finished cumming he got from under her and rammed his hard cock straight into her unprotected hole from behind. He fucked her for a couple of minutes banging and slapping against her arse and she was loving it. He suddenly spasmed and shot a huge load of cum into as she came for a second time.

This bloke pulled his cock out of her and I watched as his spunk dribbled down her inner thigh. He zipped his trousers up said thanks for that and walked off. I would never have believed it but there was me with my trousers around my ankles a raging hard on, my wife leaning against a wall with her thong around one ankle, her skirt over her waist revealing her recently used dripping fanny with her tits on full view.

I couldn’t wait and plunged my cock into my wife from behind. It was warm and dripping with another mans seed and within 30 seconds I shot my load into her as well. I would like to say I banged her for ages and she came again and again but it didn’t happen.

I pulled my limp dick out of her which was covered in two lots of cum and cleaned ourselves up with her knickers.

It then dawned on us that she had unprotected sex. We went back to the room and had to most intense sex we have ever had as we relived the experience. The next morning we had one more shag to remember the experience by and went via the chemist for the morning after pill.

We are hoping to do it again some day.