Written by damian

10 Mar 2006

it all started when i was driving my wagon one day, i was delivering to a place on the east coast. it got to aroun miday when i thought i would pull into a layby just off the main road which was shielded by some trees.

it was a hot day and i had my wagon windows down as i sat and had my lunch, a car pulled into the layby and parked behind my truck, after i had eaten i decided to get out of my truck and stretch my legs and have a piss, i went into the bushes and got my cock out to have a piss, just then i haerd a car door shut and a few seconds later i heard someone coming into the bushes behind me, i turned round and there was a half caste guy about 25 years old standing about 10 feet away from me with his cock in his hand having a piss, my eyes were drawn to his cock which must have been 6" long and about 3"thick, we just looked at each other him with his ever increasing cock in hand and me just stood transfixed not knowing what to do next, i neednt have worried because he just walked slowly towards me with his awesome cock getting bigger by the second, when he was finally stood right in front of me he reached out and took hold of my by now rock hard cock and slowly started to wank me, never before had i felt another mans cock, never mind one so big and hard,but i just reached out and put my shaking hand round it, it felt hot and hard andi could feel it throbing,the other guy then went down on his knees and put his lips round my now bursting cock and slowly slid his mouth down my shaft, god it felt so good, i never thought another man sucking my cock could so feel as good as or even better than when my wife , needless to say i started to come straight away, he just carried on and i shot my load straight in his mouth, he just looke at me and swallowed the lot, your turn now he said and i just had to suck that monster cock, it must have been 8" or 9" long and so thick i could hardly get my mouth round it,it tasted strange at first but then i got my fist taste of pre-cum and i thought this is not as bad as thought, soon i was sucking and wanking that cock like my life depended on it, i felt him tense then he said " i am going to come"with that i felt his cum hit the back of my throat and i couldnt do anything but swallow every last drop.

that was my first taste of cock sucking but not my last, i can not get enough of cock now and look forward to every chance i get to suck someone off.