Written by stillup4it

12 Aug 2006

To my delight, just recently revisiting my bi side, I found a Gay Sauna near my work in London, and I plucked up the courage to go. Well, wow, what an experience it was too. Stepping anxiously into the locker room, I peeled off my clothes and gripped my towel around my waist. I could hear a couple of guys in a cubicle nearby, heavy breathing and moaning just before cumming, I wondered if it was A or O!

Well I tracked off to see what there was to enjoy. There were several guys in towels sitting, standing around eyeing up the talent, a bloke in a video room watching some porn and he had his prick in his hand, giving it some friendly attention. I passed the sauna heading for the steam room, and there were two guys in there intimately involved.

Well the steam room was almost pitch dark, just a dim light, to allow you to see shapes. I sat and waited, not sure what to do. The guy next to me was slowly wanking himself, and I could see his prick in the dim light, it looked inviting. Another chap next to him, reached out and started to play with it, rubbing the tip with his finger and thumb. I watched a couple of guys opposite, they were sat naked, wanking themselves, and then one of them reached out to help the other guy. Suddenly he got up and crouched in front of his mate and began to suck him slowly. His naked arse was just in front of me, but I was scared if I touched it he might object. So the sucking went on noisily for some time, and eventually we heard that tell tale moaning that announces an orgasm. There was much sucking noise, heavy breathing etc and then they were done. Shortly after they both left, I guessed for some private fun?

Meanwhile next to me the others were fondling eachother and kissing. I reached out and touched one of the pricks, slowly gripped it and began to wank up and down. I felt an arm move behind me and soon had a finger playing with my ring. God It was sexy, and I wanted more. I wriggled my arse a bit and he carried on, but got pulled away by the other chap. So they carried on together and then also left.

I must have had about an hour and a half in there, and it was incredible to hear so much wanking and sucking. In the far corner there wasa real heavy session going on, couldn't see anything but could certainly hear mouth on prick and heavy breathing.

A young chinese guy felt my chest, tweaked my nipples and put his hand on my shaven crotch, but he didn't seem to want to stay.

In the end I had to leave for an arranged meal, but will certainly be going back for more.

Well, I'm arranging some meets in London while I stay there in a hotel just now, and I hope to introduce a young guy to the gay sauna scene this week. I'll kiss and tell later.................... Ian