Written by Donethat

25 May 2004

A few years ago I was going through something of a personal bad patch. A good female friend suggested I should learn to dance, yeah right, I'm the one with 3 left feet. She ended up dragging me, by the hair, to a Ceroc dancing class. A sort of fusion between Jive and Salsa.

After a number of weeks I was becoming somewhat more confident and she was fantastic. I should add at this point that she used to be a stripper. There were many opportunities with the moves for her to get very close indeed, my crotch was getting a lot of unexpected attention from any part of the her body she could find the excuse to rub against it. On a crowded dance floor I was finding this a little difficult to handle and my pink face was the least of it. Maybe I should also add I really hadn't intended any of this sort of thing with her, she was just a good friend, seems she had other plans.

On the way back to her place, and her partners, we stopped for and Indian meal. This was a bit of a welcome break from the earlier attentions although she maintained skin contact throughout.

We finally left to go home, or so I thought, I didn't know the area very well and she decided to show me a short cut. Most independent girls know all about those short cuts, but not this nieve 40 something bloke lol. This one turned out to be a dead end finishing in a secluded wood. By this time the couple of beers I had had were beginning to need letting out. So I go out of the car to relieve myself at a convenient tree. I got my fly open and extracted my cock only to find another pair of hands helping me. She worked her hands into my trouser fly to cup my balls while the other stroked. I needed a pee so bad the even the ensuing erection couldn't stop me. She was like a child with a water pistol, a major liability, squirting this way and that. She came around and knelt down kissing my cock as I was peeing, yes still going. Taking it into her mouth once I had finished, she removed my trousers and underwear while stood there. She then stood up, pulled off her dress to reveal she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Gulp!

She pulled me too her placing my cock between her legs then giving me a very deep kiss while grinding a her damp body against me. I could feel her wetness on my cock which was squeezed between her thighs, even the cool drizzle on my skin seem a minor issue.

We moved in a somewhat awkward fashion to the open passenger door, not wanting to lose that wonderful contact. Fell into the car ending up with me on top and between her legs. I took this opportunity to do a very practical thing, roll the seat back. I was then able to move enough to kiss her neck, wet from the drizzle. I worked my way down to her nipples which seemed very large compared to her compact, but beautifully shaped breasts. God they were delicious. I could resist any more, I kissed my way down between her thighs and the smell was wonderful. Before long I was licking and sucking for all I was worth. I don't think women can understand just how good the taste and the sensation of a wet pussy can be to a man. I was in heaven accompanied by little squeaks and squeals from above. Her clitoris was like a minute penis and I was able to push back the tiny foreskin with my tongue, so I could squeeze the head between my lips. This brought her to instant climax, leaving her far to sensitive to continue.

I reached around and reclined the seat all the way back and then worked my way up till my cock was in position. She was so wet it seemed to slide in all by itself. She had amazing muscles, I didn't need to move, she just seemed to milk me, some sensation. Needles to say I did move, quite a lot in time. After a while of fucking I withdrew, she wanted me to suck her and get as much of her juice as possible to share with a kiss. This fucking and sucking went on for ages, sometimes she would suck me, although I had to get into a mighty awkward position and then I would kiss her to taste a mixture of all our flavours together. The strange thing is though, what turned out to be 5 hours of none stop sex I didn't properly cum till the end, although there where many 'releases'. This was a new experience for me. I digress; sometimes I was inside her moving slowly, both of us were sweating which gave that wonderful sensation of the two of us melting together. When I did eventually cum it was with her sucking me, I was like a hose, it went everywhere, she took some but gagged. Then she pulled me down and kissed me and pushed some of my cum into my mouth sharing it between our tongues...

We ended up making this a weekly event. But like all the best things they do come to an end.....although we still get together sometimes :0)))