Written by THE MASTER

10 Oct 2003

Part 2

Lets go back to 1982 seems like a long time when you write it down I’m now age 25 and still living with two women Linda is now age 46 and still sexy as hell and a girl called Jane age 23 they both love me and each other

So like most men I like to watch them make love to each other. I would make them walk round the house naked

Even when friends or other people were there, I loved the power I had over them and others and this is when I moved in my first full time male slave, he made him self a bed in the garage to sleep on and his place was to serve us all. Like us he went to work so when he got home his first task was to make dinner for us and a little bit for him we also gave him our left over like a dog then he would tidy the house while we had sex I always made him clean me and the women after I’ve had my fun, he like me to abused him most nights one of us would think of a new way to humiliate him and spank him. What ever we did to him he always wanted more

We would make him lick and suck men and women we brought home from the pub whip him he was never allowed to cum if he did he cleaned it up and then was whipped for it, he was always frustrated, image having to watch two women having sex and not allowed to join in. This went on for over four years I had to get rid of him as the punishments were getting worse every month and as he just loved it, last time he wrote he was in the USA working on a ranch as a 100% slave no wages just food and a lot of whipping (real whips over there) well that’s the end of part two if you like part one or two please mail and let me know. nigelthemaster@yahoo.co.uk

Part three will be soon