Written by Jakelwood

26 Jan 2007

I'd often thought about sucking a man but had never done anything about it. One day I replied to an ad on SH. I agreed to meet S at his home and arrived very nervous and unsure of whether I would go through with it.

We went into the fron room and S had some porn on the TV we both sat on the couch and I watched the Tv I felt S put his hand on my knee and start to rub it up under my shorts. My heart was pounding with fear and excitement as his fingers touched my balls.

He stood me up and knelt down in front of me,quickly he let my shorts fall to the floor I had no underwear on. I loked down and watched as he pulled my foreskin back and then sucked my cock,the first time a man had ever touched and sucked me!

I asked S to lie down it was now or never. I sloly undid his shorts and pulled them off I looked at his haerd cock/Slowly I began licking the inside of his thigh then his balls. I ran my tongue up his shaft licking the end of his cock and then I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck him gently.I could hear him moan as I sucked him so I thought I must be doing ok. I played with his balls as I sucked and licked his cock I was so turned on by it my fantasy coming true.

After a while we went to 69 and sucked one another I could feel I was close to cuming the wow I exploded in his mouth. S swallowed all of my cum and then licked my cock clean.I had never cum trough a blow job b4 and it had taken a man to do it.

I then started to wank S poff and suck him at the same time I felt his cock get thicker in my mouth and then he pumped his cum into my mouth god I felt horny. I wasn't ready to swallow his cum yet so I didn't he was ok about that.

I am meeting him again next week and am ready to drink all his juice,although I am still a woman's man I am glad I tried sucking cock and as said will do it again.

Not the most articulate story I know but true!