Written by crayfordlad

27 Nov 2004

When I was in my late teens, there was a public toilet near the local park. I was walking home one night from the centre of town (pretty drunk), and as I went past, realised that I was busting for a piss. So, in I went. The toilet had a frosted glass roof, so although the lights didn't work, you could see fairly well with the light from the streetlights outside. I went into the cubicle and pushed the door shut, realising as I did so that there was no lock, so I had to hold it shut with my hand. I'd just got my zip down and my cock out, when I heard someone else come in. Their footsteps came straight across to the cubicle, and I felt a slight push against my hand. I said 'sorry mate', and started to piss. I heard him walk over to the urinals, and then began to hear what was clearly not someone taking a piss. By this time I had finished, and was curious as to what was going on, so I let the door swing slightly open, and saw this man in his late 50's wanking himself, turned slightly towards the door I was looking through.

I had never seen or even been interested in another person's cock before, but I realised two things as I stood there watching. First, his cock was absolutely huge, and, second, that I had now got a raging hard on myself. As I watched, I slowly began to wank myself off, aware that although he probably couldn't see me clearly in the gloom, he could hear, and that just made me all the hornier. As I was wanking away, I heard someone else walk into the toilets. I quickly pushed the door shut and sat down on the toilet, strangely frustrated. As I sat there, I realised that there was an enormous peep-hole cut into the middle of the door, and peeking through, I couldn't believe what I saw. The first chap had been joined by a second, and now both of them were busy wanking, and both turned slightly towards the door as if they could guess I was watching. As I peeped, they began to wank each other off. I stood up again, and let the door swing open slightly again as I slipped my trousers down around my ankles and started furiously pumping my cock. I leant back against the wall of the cubicle, and as I did so the door swung wide open, and the light from the roof streamed in, seeming to spotlight me standing there wanking. By now, I didnt care, and the thought of these two middle age men watching my teenage body just turned me on more. I stepped out of my jeans, and slipped my t-shirt off so they could see me better, and then walked out towards them. Within seconds, we were involved in a 3-way wank session, before the first guy knelt down and began to suck us in turn, before pushing both of our stiff cocks into his mouth. I had never felt so horny before, with one guys cock touching mine, while another sucked it. I looked down, and could see the first guy wanking himself off, and by his rythym it wasn't going to be long before he came. I was now thrusting backwards and forwards into his mouth, as was the second guy alongside me, who suddenly pulled out and began to cum, his cock twitching as big globules of spunk landed first on the first guys face, and then on my stomach as he turned slightly to face me. This was too much, and I began to cum myself, shooting spunk down the first guys throat and then pulling out and cuming over his face. This was obviously too much for him too, as he came, shooting warm, stickly spunk over my legs, with the first spatter landing on my arse with the rest hitting my legs and beginning to run down. So, there I was, 18 years old and standing stark naked in a dark public toilet covered in spunk from two middle-aged men who were complete strangers.