Written by crayfordlad

29 Nov 2004

So, there I was, 18 years old and standing stark naked in a dark public toilet covered in spunk from 2 middle aged men who were complete strangers. The guy in front of me was busily wiping my spunk off of his face with his fingers and licking it up eagerly, as I rubbed the spunk off of my stomach. To my surprise, my raging hard on remained, despite the fact that I had just cum more than I had ever done before, and looking down, I could see the second guy was just the same. I was particularly fascinated by his knob, as he was uncut, whereas both I and the first guy were cut. The sight of his tight foreskin slipped back over his helmet, still shiny and wet with his load, were too much for me, and I bent over, taking it into my mouth and running my tongue around it, tasting someone else's spunk for the first time. I wanted to see all of it, his cock, his balls, his nakedness. I was just so horny as I fumbled with his buttons and then yanked his trousers and pants down past his stiff prick, and then tore his shirt open. while I was doing this, I was aware of the first guy taking his clothes off too, and when I looked, all three of us were naked. The first guy suggested that we should go into the cubicle in case anyone else came in, and so, unwilling to stop sucking the cock I had in my mouth, we all sort of shuffled in.

The guy I was sucking sat down on the toilet, and I got down on all fours between his legs, not wanting to miss any of the pre-cum which was oozing out of his slit. As I sucked him, I felt a hand reach around and grab my own cock, which was aching to be touched. The first guy began wanking me from behind, and as he did so, I could feel his stiff cock as it poked my arsehole, which was already wet from his earlier load. I became aware that he was rubbing his helmet over my hole, spreading the cum around and slowly lubricating me, and without thinking about it I thrust my virgin arse back at him, begging through my mouthful of cock that he should fuck me. I felt him place the tip of his cock against my hole, and then slowly begin to push in, but as he did so, more footsteps sounded outside, and we all well, not exactly stopped, but sort of slowed down a bit! The footsteps came over to the door, and with a push, it opened - no-one had thought to hold it closed. I lifted my head up from the cock I was sucking to see another guy in his 50's stood there, looking down at the sight of my almost hairless teenage body stretched out between the two 50+ guys, one of them with the tip of his cock in my arsehole, and the other with his rigid cock in my face. Underneath, my then 5 1/2 inch cock was being stroked by the guy who was about to fuck me.

The look on his face was a picture, and his hands went immediately to his cock, which was already stiff as he took it out and began to wank. I felt like such a slut, and all I wanted at that moment was as much cock as I could have. I thrust back against the cock behind me, feeling it slide up my arse, painfully at first, but then it began feeling good. I continued to suck the uncut cock as I had been doing before, while reaching out with one hand to help with this fresh one which had appeared. I could feel the guy behind me pulling me backwards, and so I went with him, and after a bit of re-adjustment, he was laid on the floor with his prick up my arse as I rode my first cock, while I took turns at sucking the other 2. Try as I might, I couldn't get them both into my mouth at the same time. The only shame was that in this position, no-one could reach my cock, but I could still feel it twitching and jerking as my arse was pumped. I think the sight was all too much for all of us, and I could feel by the rythym that everyone was close again. I held the 2 cocks close to my mouth, and began to pump them wildly, my mouth open to cath their loads as the shot. I could feel the cock in my arse begin to twitch, and then feel the spunk as he came inside me. That on its own was too much for me, and without anyone touching my own cock, I began to cum, shooting my second load of spunk over myself and the legs of the other two. This did it for them, and at almost the same time, they came into my face and mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but most of it went over my face and chest, running down my body until it looked like I was covered in spunk. As I stood up, my legs shaky, I could feel the cum run out of my arse and down my legs. The taste of cum was new to me, so I used my fingers to scoop up globules of it and then taste it, while one of the other guys rubbed it over my body.

Strangely, I began to feel ashamed of what I had done, and began to pick my clothes up. This seemed the cue for the other 3, who all got dressed fairly rapidly and left. As soon as they were gone, I realised that I still had a hard-on, and so I stood there and wanked myself off as I ran my hands over my cum-covered body. It was such a turn-on to have been fucked by 3 total strangers without even knowing their names, and the feeling of shame at having done so was itself something of a turn-on. As I think back to then while I write, I still get a raging hard-on! Needless to say, I returned many times.