Written by Greg

8 Aug 2003

Jill and I have been nudists since just after we got married, so we are used to seeing others naked and being seen naked ourselves. In fact we both enjoy it when we notice someone admiring our naked bodies. We also have a very good sexual relationship and find our libidos are well matched. A few months ago we were in bed looking through the latest H&E and Jill asked me if I liked the look of the females with shaved pussy lips. I told her that I thought it looked very sexy, especially when they left a small strip of pubic hair just above the slit. Jill said that she had noticed that more of the females at the nudist beaches and swims we go to were shaving and trimming their pubic hair, and she was thinking of doing it, would I mind others being able to see her lips so easily? She already knew what my answer would be, as in the past I had encouraged her to open her legs to give men a better view if we noticed them looking.

Jill said to get a few more magazines out so we could choose the style we liked the most. In amongst our collection were a few Fiestas, with very neatly trimmed models. We choose one that had a very small narrow strip of pubic hair starting about 1cm above the top of the lips. The model had her legs in many positions, mainly wide open, but even when they were closed it was very easy to see the line of her vagina, and the folds of her lips peeping out. Jill gave me the shaver and asked me to shave and trim her so that she looked the same. As I shaved, her lips swelled and her vagina opened giving me a lovely view, and her juices flowed letting me know that when I had finished, I could feel and taste her new look. We had some great sex and after Jill had come at least half a dozen times and she had made me come inside her and by sucking me, we lay down to recover, surrounded by the magazines with pictures of shaved pussy’s.

After a while, we picked up one of the magazines and started reading the story that was next to the pictures. It was written by a woman, describing how she had shared a bed with her husband and his best mate. It went into quite a lot of detail about how much she enjoyed sucking her husband, whilst he watched his friend sliding into her pussy making her come. As we were reading, Jill took my hand down to her pussy to feel how smooth it was, but I also noticed that she was getting swollen and wet again. She felt for my dick, which was erect again from reading the story. It was obvious that we both liked the idea, but Jill surprised me when she asked me if we had the chance would I let our friend Chris join us to give it a try sometime. Chris and Jill had seen each other naked before, as a few times in the past we had been to stay with him and visited a nudist beach near to his home. Chris had mentioned to me that he thought I had a very sexy looking wife, so I knew he would be easy to seduce. I told Jill that I would love to try it if we could create the right opportunity.

The next day, Jill was so keen she phoned Chris and arranged for us to stay for the weekend and visit the beach if the weather was good.

On the Thursday night Jill was quite excited about the prospect of letting Chris see her shaved pussy and what else might develop. She asked me to shave her again and choose some sexy underwear for her to wear so that she would look her best for Chris. We had brilliant sex and as we did she described what she would like to do when Chris was with us. She wanted to suck my cock whilst I held her lips open to let Chris slide inside her and let me watch her juices sticking to his cock, she even wanted me to feel inside her pussy whilst Chris was in her and feel what she felt like with another cock inside her. I ended up coming several times, it was so erotic what she was describing.

I’ll tell you what actually happened at Chris’s place in the next part.