Written by mrram

24 Mar 2006

In my first story I explained how my wife Lucy asked me if I would be interested in swapping with her younger sister and husband. This all came about as a result of us watching a xxx movie about swinging. Lucy apparently came across some photos of her sister Ruth and her husband Roger involved with friends of theirs. They had a conversation about it and since Ruth couldn't deny it because of the photos,Ruth told her that her and Roger had started fooling around with their friends some months before.Lucy told me that Ruth was really embarrassed at first about the photos she had forgotten to put away. Lucy told me how much the photos turned her on. She said there were about 24 of them, all of them involving Ruth, Roger Caroline and Bill friends of theirs. In the photos they were all naked, some with Ruth sucking Bill's cock,Roger playing with Caroline and etc. Anyway, the next day I left for work and Lucie said she would call Ruth and have a chat about a possible get together. I called home around noon from work, Lucy answered and said Ruth was there visiting and that everything was arranged for this coming weekend. I felt a twinge between my legs as my cock started to raise. When I got home Lucy was waiting and we got right into dscussing what they had talked about. She also had the photos to show me. Ruth had these very small tits with very hard protruding nipples and a very hairy pussy. She was about 5ft tall and around 100 lbs. Roger was tall about 6ft and close to 200lbs and solid, with a good sized cock that looked very thick with low hanging big balls. I fucked Lucy after looking at these photo's and it was great. It was like fucking a different woman, she was so hot. Saturday night finally arrived, and I think i had a hardon most of the day. Lucy was a little nervous to but I could tell she was very horny. We got ready, showered and dressed. Lucie put on dark nylons, lacy bikini undies, short skirt and a white blouse that buttoned in front. I suggested she not wear a bra since she was not that big in the boob department. She has nice tits, just not really big but bigger than Ruth. Seven o'clock came and they arrived, Ruth looked stunning in her black leather short skirt. She was bare legged and wearing a light blue top. I noticed her hard little nipples pressing against the fabric. I also noticed Roger and Lucy giving each other the once over. The women giggled and made small talk as I got drinks for everyone. We sat around for a while talking till Lucy suggested we go down to the rec room and maybe watch a movie. I followed behind Ruth eyeing her tight little ass in that black mini. Lucy sat on the sofa and I put the same swinging movie on Lucy and I had watched a week earlier. Ruth and Roger sat across from us as we watched the movie. Lucy's skirt was raised almost to her crotch as I hugged and kissed her. We both noticed Ruth and Roger in a similar embrace. I could see between Ruth's legs, she was panty-less! Hmmmm I could see her hairy pussy plain as day. No one was saying too much as Roger and I felt our wivies up. By this time Lucy had my cock out and I saw Ruth glancing over at it. I had Lucy's top open and her pantys off as Roger had Ruth in a similar state. There were 2 couples in the movie fucking their brains out, when Lucy whispered in my ear " lets switch now" I looked across the room and asked Roger " Want to change places now"? I remember glancing down at his thick cock as we changed places. We lost the rest of our clothes and the swapping session started. Roger was on his knees between Lucys legs eating her out as I sucked Ruth's little tits and fingered her hairy pussy. In a little while Roger and Lucie were into a 69 sucking each other and moaning like crazy. Ruth started sucking my cock and finger fucking herself as we all stole glances of each other. I heard Roger's cock come out of Lucy's mouth with a pop as he layed her on the floor and got between her quivering legs. I did the same with Ruth. I pointed my hard cock at her hairy hole and sunk it into her. I heard Lucy blurt out "fuck me oh fuck me" as she started cumming while Roger fucked with his thick cock. Ruth exploded and gushed a hugh load all over my cock as I pumped her hard and fast. Roger and I came almost at the same time as we pumped our hot sticky come into each others wife, it was great! We all rested and fucked each other 3 or 4 more times that night. We have swapped a dozen or more times since and enjoyed every minute of it. We have even met their friends Caroline and Bill, but thats another story. This is a true story.