Written by Eye opener.

31 Mar 2006

Many years ago I had to go on the usual family holiday and at 18 I realised this was probably yhe last one so I thought I may as well enjoy it even though I was worried about finding any plain English food to eat as most turkish food is covered in sauces /oils etc.We had a 8 0'clock flight from Gatwick so arrived at our hotel in the raly hours and we were all tired so we all got our room keys and went to bed.I managed a couple of hours sleep before waking up and as the room was so hot I opened the balcony doors and stood there naked sat on the bed and noticed there was 24 hour room service and as I was feeling hungry I decided to order something which looked as English as you got as the hotel had English food flown in so English sausages and chips it was and a couple of bottles of beer.About 20 minuteslater there was a knock on the door so I grabbed my shorts and opened the door and there was aTurkish man about mid 40's who smiled and eyed me up and down and put the tray down on the table and got a bottle opener out of his pocket and poured a beer and he looked at his watch and asked why a young man like me wasn't out clubbing it and I explained me and my family arrived late so he said he would keep me company if I wanted and he sat down on the other chair and opened the other beer and he took a couple of chips and asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told him no one special just girls I see and he said I bet they like fucking me and I went a bit red and laughed and saw him looking down at my shorts and felt a tingle and after eating I stood up and gesture for him to leave but he stood up and put his hands on my shoulders and ranhis hands over my chest and tweaked my nipples and leant down to suck on oe and it felt weird but nice as his other hand ran down to the fornt of my shorts and he rubbed the tent that had now formed and I held onto him to stop myslef falling over and he took me by the hand and lay me down on the bed and kissed me on the lips and I let this man do anything to me he wanted I was feeling dizzy and he had my shorts off and was kissing my helemt as he wanked the shaft up and down he then massaged my hairy balls and took one in his mouth as I moaned with pleasure and told him to carry on so he stood up and stripped naked to reveal a hairy body with a large cock and huge balls and he came towards me and fed me his cock and I loved his sweaty smell as I opened wide t take his cock in my mouth as he began to fuck me my hands felt his hairy arse and I rubbed a finger up and down his hairy crack and he froze then relaxed and gripped my head as he spewed his cum down my throat and it tasted weird but I didn't have any chocse but to swallow and I managed to get most of it when the phone rang so I grabbed it as he started to play with my cock and they asked if I had got my room service and put the phone down when I said yes I had been taken care off.He told me he would pleasure me soon and got dressed and left leaving me sat there with spunk breath and a raging hard on so I had to wank it myself thinking of what will happen next.Two week sof cockfun for me was ahead.More tales to follow soon if you are good.