Written by Alice

23 Jul 2006

My boyfriend plays in a rock band and i attend the gigs regularly however i will say that i have never done anything like this before and this is a first for me as i have never done anything behind his back.

I am 33 slim build blue eyes blond collar length straight hair i am a size 12. My boyfriend is 36 years old and did not deserve this but it happened and i must admit i do feel ashamed but i also enjoyed it.We had not had sex for a while as there had been problems with work and family so it never cropped up.I had been at this pub with two of the other members wives. I had been chatting to these two guys a little out of view from my boyfriend who was playing. I left the pub and went outside into the beer garden sitting there talking to these men and enjoying the music. They had bought me drinks which i am very carefull about but nothing was spiked. After the first set had finnished i saw my boyfriend chatting to some other men and he waved to me and i waved back, he came over to me and i introduced him to these men i was sitting with, I dont think he liked it and looked a little uncomfortable about the fact that i was sat with two strange men, well to me they were ok down to earth guys.Any way during the next 20 minutes i had been sat there and the one sitting closest to me put his hand onto my leg and gave it a slight grip as he was joking with me and the other man he kept his hand there and slowly i could feel him getting higher and higher until he was inches from my vagina i took his hand away and he laughed it off saying he was only having a bit of fun with me, Well i dont know what the hell was going through my head and i must admit i felt very drunk when he was talking to me i kept looking down at his groin which he noticed me doing and obviously may have read this as a green light? i felt my vagina getting wet i tried to stop myself thinking about having it off with him but it just became too much, i sat there with my legs slightly apart and the guy his mate on the other side was looking through the slats on the table and could see right up my short skirt, he said MMM you are a little raver you got no knickers on, which is true as when it is really hot i wear no undies. You will have to show me some more of that later, I thought later how could i do that the band would be finnished in an hour. I said look i will go back in and stay in the pub in full view of my boyfriend then i will come back out, and do what they asked, I said you know what, One of them muttered you us to fuck? Yes i want you to fuck me No problem you go back in and we will wait here with that he left to get two more pints. After 10 minutes of sitting with the other wives i walked back out side and said to one of them right where to then? I cannot go to far, one of them took my hand and we walked down the road to this deserted shelter on an old playing field behind some boarded up council houses. This shelter was obviously used by drug users but there was no one there at all except us. We got into the shelter and one of the guys looked out one last time before he turned to me and grabbed me and kissed me on the lips, i saw the other guy undoing his jeans and pulling them down revealing his semi erect cock he walked over to me and asked if i wanted to suck his cock, without no words spoken i dropped into a crouching position and took his cock into my mouth he was pushing it hard into my mouth and i could taste cum on the end of it, while doing this the other guy was smoking a cigarette watching us, go on cuty he said give him a good suck! Do you swallow? he asked i had my mouth full and did not answer just nodded as a yes, Go on John give her what she needs a good mouthfull of your spunk, John was pumping my mouth hard i was wretching at times and my eye shadow was running slightly with that i felt him harder and faster and his breathing was real heavy and then i felt his cock twitch above my toungue and knew was going to happen i brazed my self and then it happened one long squirt hit the back of my mouth and yes i swallowed it and then another load i pulled away and it came out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin i was nearly sick as the second lot was thick and salty. John walked away and went outside the shelter pulling his jeans back up as he went. keith came over and gave me a hankerchief to wipe my mouth. He said look babe i dont want the same i want to take you from behind. he then put me upto the wall and told me to bend forward, he lifted my skirt and commented on what a lovely bum i had, fucking hell you are lovely, I felt his hand rubbing my clit and pulling my labia apart inserting one finger and then two inside me as he played with his cock which was very thick indeed, He pulled his fingers out and then inserted his cock pushing all the way in, he started to fuck me slowly but deeply cupping his hands from my hips to my breasts as he humped me up against this wall, god he said you are real hungry are'nt you i just said yes i kept telling him to fuck me harder and harder, John said quick there is someone coming i was i knew that and i did not care about who was going to see us, I was moaning loudly as John said dont worry its only some old boy walking his dog, at which the giy fucking me upped his pace and then i felt a hot squirt as he rammed deep and then rammed deep again another long hot squirt yes he had com his load inside me. he then pulled out and i started to get myself tidied back up when john said no i want to fuck you now in the same position, he did not worry about the other guys cum now dripping from me, he inserted his cock which was limp and kept falling out as i was very wet with my own juices and spunk, his cock was not as large as the other i had just had, but it then became semi hard and then while indside me and in full swing he was now hard and fucking me like no tomorrow, he then gripped my hips tightly and pushed deep ready baby i have something for you as he spunked his load inside me. We all got cleaned up and i used the hankerchief to wipe away the cum from my vagina tidied myself up and went back to the pub, heading straight for the ladies to wipe off the cum again which was leaking from me and my legs were sticky from the fucks i had just had.

No i never went back for more and i have no interest to do so but i did enjoy this but would never repeat it.