Written by Anon

17 Feb 2011

My girlfriend and I have been together for around 3 years. When we first got together she was a quite dirty but now she has calmed down. The story I am telling is true and is probably one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.

At the time my girlfriend was 26, from South America, very slim, and with a great arse and tits. She was pretty dirty with me; lots of cock sucking, cuming on face, risky sex in public places etc. But I have always been into anal and was gently trying to her ease her into it but was trying to choose my moment.

We went out one night to a club and got really drunk. She was horny the whole night and kept dancing really dirty, sometimes letting her skirt ride up her arse and expose her bum cheeks to some of the lads on the dance floor.

One guy was paying attention to her and she was grinding up against him whilst he was groping her tits. I’m not sure if she knew I was watching her whilst she was doing all this but when I came back from the bar she and him were both gone.

They came back around 15 minutes later. Her hair was a bit messy and the guy was with her. I introduced myself to him as her boy friend but he was a bit dismissive and walked off.

I asked her if she had fun with him and she just apologised. I knew something had happened.

She just blurted out “Sorry I played around with him in the toilets, I’m really sorry but I was really horny”

I groped her arse and told her it was o.k but that I wanted to fuck her right now.

She smiled a really sexy smile and put her finger to her mouth and then grabbed my hand and led me to the toilets.

When we got to the toilets she went straight on her knees and got my cock out and started sucking it only stopping to spit all over it and wank it off the really cute way girls do.

Then I pulled her up, pulled her tits out, turned her round and lifted her skirt up over exposing her arse and tiny G-String. The string was damp and it was obvious the guy had gone bareback and cum inside her. She was wiggling her arse around in a sexy way.

I pulled her G-String down and spread her legs ready to fuck her cunt but then I looked at her arsehole. It was red, raw, puffy and slightly gaping. I felt a rush of blood knowing what she meant earlier by “playing around” was actually let a random guy fuck her up the arse.

I asked her “Did you let that guy fuck your ass without any protection?”

She was rubbing her pussy with her tits hanging out over the top of her skirt and replied “Uh huh”

“I’m going to fuck your arse as well now”

She simply replied “O.K, but please be gentle, its really sore after him”

After him? After being such a gentleman in our relationship, here I was in a club toilet getting anal sloppy seconds from some random guy. I lined my cock up to her gaping arsehole and pushed my cock straight up there. She whimpered slightly as I did and gasped a little leaving her mouth slightly ajar the whole time.

I didn’t need any lube because it was still moist from the other guys cum. After 10 minutes of anal fucking I came inside her. I pulled out of her arsehole and looked at how massive her hole was and the cum dribbling out of her. We kissed a bit and then she pulled her G-String up and put her tits back into her skirt.

“Can we go home now please babe, my ass is killing me and I’m worried I’m going to shit myself”

We got a taxi home and the whole time she was whimpering about how sore her bum was. When we got home we got completely naked, I managed to take a few pictures of her gaping arse before she fell asleep on her stomach. I couldn’t resist the thought of rimming her arsehole knowing it was full of cum. I rimmed her swollen anus for about 10 minutes before I fell asleep on her bum cheeks.

When we woke up we had a shower and she apologised for her behaviour and was a bit embarrassed by everything. I told her not to worry and now i occasionally get anal sex on special occasions but nothing like that night.

I still have those pictures of her gaping arse which I will trade with pictures of other guys girlfriends/wifes fucked arses.