Written by edward

22 Aug 2005

I had heared of this place just on the outskirts of the town I lived in which apparently was very popular with gay men looking for casual sex. I had never had an experience with another guy before and strangely enough didn't fancy men but I had always wanted to suck a nice hard cock which I had often fantasised about since my early teens and here I was now all those years later at the age of 45 still wondering what it would be like to suck another guy's cock.

The meeting place in question was a truck stop/car park situated just off a busy carriageway just outside town which was usually very busy late at night.

There was even a website on the internet which advertised this place describing all sorts of gay sex that could be acquired there either in the small wooded area adjacent to the car park or in the toilets where there were 5 cubicles which were used as gloryholes. The gloryhole aspect was the part which turned me on the most as with this type of sex you didn't actually see the other guy just his cock poking through the hole in the wall between the cubicles and this seemed the ideal way for me to suck my very first cock.

So I drove over to this place very late on a Wednesday night and as I pulled into the car park I was quite surprised and feeling extremely nervous as I noticed how many lorries and cars were there.

I sat in my car for a while undecided as to whether I could go through with this but eventually I decided that I would probably never get a better opportunity to finally satisfy my bi curious thoughts and with my nerves really on edge I got out of my car and walked over to the toilets.

I noticed there were guys sitting in their cars and a few stared at me as I made my way to the toilets. As I entered the toilets I heared a car door opening and closing behind me. I walked into the toilet which surprisingly looked quite clean, and I noticed that all 5 cubicles were unoccupied so I quickly went into the one in the middle locked the door behind me and sat on the toilet.I spotted the holes in the walls on either side of me and as I sat there waiting I could feel my heart racing in my chest as I felt quite scared in this vulnerable situation.

Then I heared footsteps as someone entered the toilets and then the cubicle door next to mine was closed and locked. Through the hole in the wall I saw a couple of fingers poke which I had read about on the website as the signal that was made by one guy to another asking if he wanted to suck or be sucked. So remembering what the relevant response was I knocked once on the adjoining wall so now the guy would know that I wanted to suck his cock. I could hear some shuffling from his cubicle as I guessed he was lowering his trousers and pants and then through the hole in the wall appeared a fully erect cock. I jumped in surprise but soon recovered and got up off the toilet and knelt on the floor with my face inches from this very thick and quite long cock which was circumcised . It looked quite inviting and as I moved my face close to it and sniffed it I was pleased that it seemed clean and just had a faint,musky aroma which was quite arousing. The head

looked quite large and very smooth too and I wondered whether I would be able to fit it in my mouth.I raised my hand and wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft, amazed at how hot it felt and different to how my own cock felt. I gently stroked it and stared at the head as it twitched and jerked slightly in response to my slow wanking motion. Then unable to wait any longer I licked my lips to get them nice and wet and opened my mouth and moved my head forward, taking the large smooth head between my lips. I heared him groan from next door as I flicked my tongue along the underside of his cock. There was no particular taste to it just a slight salty flavour which wasn't unpleasant all. I began to suck on his cockhead as with my hand I continued to wank the thick shaft.Already I knew by how excited this made me feel, having this hard hot cock inside my mouth,that this would be the first of many cocks that I would suck. I was instantly hooked and loving every minute of it and the obvious thought in my mind was would I be letting this guy come inside my mouth or would it be too much to take as I feared it would make me heave . Before long the guy began to thrust his cock further into my mouth and the decision of whether I was going to take him all the way would have to be made soon. His thrusting began to get faster and I guessed he was very close which was surprising as I had only been sucking him for a couple of minutes. Then all sudden things happened very quickly catching me by surprise as he groaned loudly and simultaneously his cockhead swelled and jerked violently inside my mouth and then I felt a hot jet of come hitting the back of my throat then before I had time to think what to do several more heavier spurts of come landed on my tongue filling my mouth with a salty tangy taste but I just froze and let his cock continue to spurt come until he had finished leaving me with a hot mouthfull of his come. Before I had chance to change my mind I took one big gulp and swallowed all of his come down and although it was salty in taste the after taste was actually quite sweet and I did feel a little like heaving but also was pleased that I had actually experienced how wonderful it had felt feeling this cock spurting inside my mouth and as he slid his cock from my mouth and back through the hole in the wall I sat back down on the toilet feeling surprised with myself, that I had actually done what I had been fantasising about for many years and my overall impression was that I had really enjoyed it and knew I would have to do this again.

As I sat there re living the experience I heared the door of his cubicle open then his footsteps as he left the toilet leaving me to sit there and wait to see if anyone else came into the toilet to get their cock sucked. As it turned out I ended up sucking three more cocks that night one of which was a huge black one which spurted so much come I wasn't able to swallow all of it and let most of it spurt all over my face which was a fantastic feeling. I wanked myself off as I sucked the black guy and as he came I also spurted my come all over the wall.