Written by Charlie D

10 Aug 2004

I noticed an ad for 'Men on Men' in the local evening paper and eventually decided to respond, not being sure if that style was suited to me. After talking with the guy for a while, he invited me around.

When I got there, I was unsure of what I wanted and upon entering his hall, proceded to explain my curiosity. He responded by kissing me full on the lips and exploring quite agressively with his tongue. I responded and when we stopped kissing, I continued to say what I felt I wanted. He dropped to his knees and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and lowered them and my boxers to the ground. He cupped my balls and commented on how smooth they were before sliding my erect shaft into his mouth.

My reaction was to say that I'd never done this before and that whilst it did feel great...He pushed my legs apart and ran his right forefinger around my anus causing a fantastic sensation to well up through my body. He started licking my balls and then the whole length of my penis and just as I started to say, I think I'm coming, he pushed it back into his mouth and sucked hard whilst his finger just slid into my arse. To say that it produced a toe-curling performance is an understatement...I nearly fell over. He licked it all and swallowed the lot before standing up and kissing me once again. Most of the come has gone but I got to taste a little for the first time.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he said it was my turn and pushing me down started undoing his trousers himself.

His cock was shaved and about seven inches and quite straight and leaking a little with pre-cum. I took hold with both hands and massaged his balls whilst I started by running my tongue along the length and around his balls. That's nice, he said, just keep concentrating. I took as much as I could into my mouth and sucked for all it was worth. Steady, he said, that's too quick, don't want to spoil a nice long experience. So I slowed and caressed and licked and massaged and think I got it to grow about another inch before he grabbed each side of my head and pulled me right on to his dick. He started trembling and I knew this was it. He shot about three times in my mouth which I swallowed and then I pulled away and wanhed off another load. He pulled me up and kissed me for what seemed ages...taking quite a bir of what residue was left into his mouth anf then passing it back.

We dressed and I left.

Give me another call, he said, you've got lots to learn.